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Cloud Desktops for Every User: Don’t Worry, Be Productive!

At Workspot, we talk to IT leaders all-day long to help them evaluate cloud desktop solutions, and while we speak 1-1 with the end users of our cloud desktops and cloud workstations less frequently, it’s their experience that is the most important. After all, a technology might be great for simplifying IT and in theory it might be great for the business, but if using it slows people down as they try to perform their jobs, they’ll find ways to avoid using it or they will simply accept lower productivity. As an end user of technology, you may not know the ins and outs of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), but you may have used it at one point, and if you were located in a remote branch office it’s likely that you were pretty disgusted with how slow it was. So much has changed! It’s why your IT team is probably evaluating cloud desktops – to replace an outdated VDI platform or to move people off physical desktops onto cloud desktops. Workspot is a cloud desktop solution, but as a user of the technology, why should you care? What do you need to know about Workspot? What do other end users think about Workspot?

Workspot Gives You Freedom

If I had to choose a single piece of information to share with end users, it would be that Workspot gives you freedom. Your Workspot cloud desktop or high-performance cloud workstation can be located in any cloud region in the world. And that means you have the freedom to be productive from anywhere you happen to be located. Headed back into the office post-pandemic? Your cloud desktop is there. Are you going to continue working from home? Your cloud desktop is there. Feel like working from Dubrovnik? You guessed it – your cloud desktop is accessible from anywhere. Pretty cool, right?

You also get the freedom that reliability brings. Freeing you from worry about whether your desktop will be available when you need it rings especially true for people who have used traditional virtual desktops. Before Workspot, the head of IT for one of the law firms we work with had to be on call every weekend to “babysit” their old, on-premises virtual desktop solution. The firm’s attorneys often work on weekends, and if the IT team was available 24×7, they could feel more confident that if they could not access their virtual desktop someone would be there to help them. What a terrible waste of everyone’s time and energy! With Workspot, you don’t have to worry. Your cloud desktop or workstation just works – in the same way your lights go on when you flip a switch – and you don’t need to waste any time thinking about it.

“With Workspot, I’m not stressed when I leave the office; I know that if I need to log back on, the software works. I can sleep better at night.” – Attorney, Chaitons LLP

Blazing Fast Performance Helps You Get the Job Done

Most of us have too much to do at work and lots of deadlines; it’s frustrating to wait around while the application you’re using hangs. Tick tock, tick tock… If you used VDI in the past, you might have PTSD from all of the time you wasted waiting for apps to respond or files to download. I can feel my blood pressure rising as I write this! Slow app performance always seems to be the worst when you’re in the biggest hurry trying to meet a deadline. Performance problems are less of a pain point for people who have been using a physical desktop or workstation, but you absolutely need to feel confident that you won’t experience performance degradation when you make the change to cloud desktops.  With Workspot, you don’t have to worry about slow performance. Ex-VDI users will be giddy, and everyone else will be really happy with the fast performance. We have numerous end users who are designers running GPU-intensive CAD apps – they are super demanding when it comes to performance. We’re happy to say that they love their Workspot cloud workstations, because they as well as or better than super expensive high-end GPU workstations. The high satisfaction across our CAD user base proves that now everyone can have amazing performance that helps you achieve your goals.

“Drawing synchronization is lightning fast.” – Paul, Wood Rodgers

“With Workspot we finally have something, where we are able to use these tools and have them perform flawlessly.” – Rebecca, Mead & Hunt

Go Ahead, Use Your Favorite Devices

These days most of us regularly switch between multiple devices as we navigate through the day. As soon as I wake up in the morning I reach for my iPhone and start checking in with what’s happening at work. After I grab a cup of coffee I switch to my laptop and keep working where I left off. If I need to run a quick errand I’ll grab my phone again. Then back to my laptop to close out the work day. On the weekends I may carry a tablet so I’m able to review creative changes on a bigger screen. The point is that you can access your Windows 10 cloud desktops from whichever device you want to use, whether it’s MacOS- iOS- or Android-based. Never miss another Little League game or piano recital again because you can’t leave your desk. That’s no way to live and work! Now you can be productive from anywhere, anytime. Your IT team will simply instruct you to download the Workspot app to your device, and when you launch it, voila! There’s your Windows 10 desktop! It just happens to be running in the cloud rather than on your device, but you won’t notice – who cares anyway? As long as everything works, and as long as it’s fast. Whether you’re a power user or your work is done via typical business apps, chances are you are way less than 50ms away from your cloud desktop and you’re going to see outstanding performance, no matter the device you’re using.

“One of my favorite features of Workspot is being able to leave one computer and pick up somewhere else and keep working exactly where I left off.” – Andrew, Barge Design

Company Information is More Secure than Ever

Everyone in your company is concerned about securing information assets. Sensitive client data and intellectual property must be kept safe. What’s great about your Workspot cloud desktop is that company data no longer resides on your device, so if you lose your device, you’ll have to deal with the hassle of replacing it, but you won’t have to worry about whether you’ve exposed company data because it all stays safely in the cloud. It’s a jungle out there with malware and ransomeware attacks an ever-present threat, but with Workspot it’s yet another concern you don’t have to worry about, and your IT and risk assessment teams can feel much better about the overall security posture of the company too. Not only are Workspot cloud desktops architected for maximum security, but your company also takes advantage of the massive investment in cloud security that Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud continue to make as well.

The Modern Way to Work

As a user of business applications or a power user in need of high-performance computing, isn’t it good to know that there are really innovative cloud desktop and workstation solutions that have been designed with your satisfaction as the most important success factor? We work in lock-step with your IT team to make sure that everyone using our cloud desktops and workstations are really happy with the performance. With Workspot, it’s easy to achieve the work-life balance we all seek. In short, don’t worry, be productive! Workspot will take care of the tech.

“My “aha” moment with Workspot was when I was at my kid’s cheer competition. I got an email asking me to upload some files. I was ready to respond that I could do it in about an  hour, but then I remembered I had the Workspot app on my phone, so I opened it up and was able to drag and drop the files. I got the request at 8:53 in the morning, and by 9 am I was able to respond back that the files were posted.” Lee, Southland Industries

You can share this quick overview video  and the white paper, The Modern Way to Work, with your IT team so they can learn about the many benefits of cloud desktops too!