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More than Just a Cloud Desktop: Customer Success is Workspot’s Culture

Some companies are well-known for their customer-centricity.

A neighbor just shared a story about losing her beloved cat recently. She had just received an order from chewy.com for cat food, so she called them to see if she could return it. They told her not to worry, to keep the food and perhaps donate it, and they would issue a refund. The next day a beautiful flower arrangement with a sympathy card arrived on her doorstep – from chewy.com. It’s not the first story I’ve heard about this company’s culture of compassion; it’s a powerful demonstration of who they are and what they value. When I think of them, I think great customer service and compassion – that earns my business.

Workspot was founded on a commitment to deliver the long-promised benefits of virtual desktops that have been elusive for so long. From day one, and every day since then, every person in the company – from engineering, to finance, sales, marketing, and our world-class Customer Success Team – lives and breathes customer success. We know we can transform your business, and that excitement and desire for growth for both Workspot and our customers is deeply ingrained in how we operate – our “customer first” culture is what drives us every day, and it’s what earns us an  off-the-charts revenue retention rate. That means we have a whole bunch of very happy customers!

Your Success is Our Success

While many of us are working behind the scenes, the face of customer success at Workspot is a seasoned, uniquely committed group of people who have deep experience with virtual desktops and with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. When you engage with us, our Customer Success Team assigns dedicated resources to each customer deployment, and they accompany your team on a journey to greater business agility. Our journey together encompasses four primary paths to success: Fast time to value, ongoing digital transformation, continuous product innovation and holistic problem resolution.

Fast Time to Value

“Our previous virtual desktop solution took months to deploy, but Workspot had us up and running in a week.”

We are best-known for reinventing the virtual desktop space with our innovative, 100% cloud-native architecture, which drastically simplifies the way virtual desktops are deployed and managed. While our customers love the technology, what surprises them most is the care and attention they receive during every step of the deployment process and beyond. Our proven implementation process delivers the industry’s fastest time to value, which means your investment in Workspot produces results fast. While other virtual desktop vendors and consultants charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to design and deploy their products, Workspot invests in your success by including those services in your cloud desktop subscription.

Ongoing Digital Transformation

“We initially used Workspot to address Covid-19 related measures for our Customer Support team being remote. We soon realized great opportunity for expansion into payroll and other departments.”

Any company can provision a cloud desktop for you. Workspot offers so much more. From fully customizable, enterprise cloud desktops and real-time data for a global picture of your implementation health, to multi-cloud region business continuity features no other vendor has. Each of these capabilities is an important element in driving your digital transformation, but our journey together doesn’t stop there. As your business environment evolves, our Customer Success Team stays with you to assess and reassess your needs. Our perspective stems from the “business uptime” of your company. Together, we explore what should be the next step in ensuring the uninterrupted productivity of your business and helping you achieve your growth objectives. Determining those steps requires a strong partnership that places the needs of your organization first. We have often heard from our customers that they view their Workspot Customer Success champions as embedded resources within their teams. That is the ultimate praise, because becoming part of our customers’ IT team requires a high-level of trust, and that’s what we’re all about.

Continuous Product Innovation

“Workspot has a premier DaaS service with great support throughout the process.”


Our product lifecycle is pretty unique. We are continually innovating and evolving the Workspot SaaS platform. Our cloud-native architecture enables our development agility, but it’s our customers who often drive innovation with their ideas. Customer-sourced features begin with ideas that are generated through our ongoing partnership with you. Your customer success champions are deeply tuned in to your evolving business requirements, and a natural output of your regular, ongoing discussions is feature ideas that we’re able to bring to life quickly. This is the beauty of having both invented our cloud desktop platform and running the cloud desktop service ourselves. It places you as close to product development as you can get, with Customer Success acting as your advocate for creating new features. It’s a true partnership where everyone wins.

Holistic Problem Resolution

“Every time I’ve had an issue, the Workspot team always was there to help.”
We’ve all experienced the finger-pointing that can happen between technology companies when you experience a problem. At Workspot, the buck stops here. When you encounter a problem, whether or not it’s a Workspot solution issue, chances are one of our Customer Success team members already has an answer for you. That’s how broad and deep their collective experience goes. Our customers do run into the occasional problem with their cloud vendor, and it can be a challenge to get the help you need from such large companies – even if you know the right questions to ask. That’s why we stay with you through the support process. Our close relationships with the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud teams help you get the answers you need.

If your organization is ready to leave the cost and complexity of legacy VDI and physical desktops behind, we’re behind you all the way! Ready to learn more about cloud desktop SaaS simplicity?Schedule a demo and let’s explore your requirements.