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The Countdown Is On! The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform at Google Next ’23

Google Next ’23 is approaching fast – August 29 – 31. Are you making your plans? We’d love to see you at Moscone Center and at our VDI Hub in San Francisco. Read on for some details.

Innovative thinking is in your DNA. As such, like many IT leaders, you are likely in the throes of reevaluating end-user computing in your organization – for good reasons. Recent changes are reshaping the industry, driving the need for a modern approach that brings new opportunities for success. Some of these changes are creating temporary pain because moving your virtual desktops and apps from on-premises datacenters to the cloud or to a hybrid model can seem daunting. That’s where the Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform comes in. We engineered our cloud-native platform from the ground up for simplicity, while also meeting complex enterprise requirements.

I can write all day long about the benefits of our cloud-native VDI platform – all our innovative features (capabilities no other vendor has!), how easy it is to operate, how it can save you money, how it creates new levels of agility and flexibility, and how we bring stronger security to protect your corporate information assets – but isn’t it more meaningful to see Workspot VDI innovation in action? Ok! We’ll show you demos and more!

Seeing is believing at Google Next ’23. Here’s where you can find us at the event:

  • The Workspot VDI Hub:

    Just 5 minutes from the main event at Moscone. Take a walk, enjoy a break from the crowds and have some drinks and snacks! Come over and hang out for awhile! Here’s just a few highlights:

    • Tuesday Aug 29, 8:30 am: Why not join us for breakfast and watch the keynote in a comfy spot?
    • Tuesday Aug 29, 12 pm: Enjoy a gourmet lunch and our live panel discussion: The Future of Work. Here’s our impressive speaker list – don’t miss this one.
      • Claire Johnston, CEO of Americas, Lendlease
      • Amitabh Sinha, CEO of Workspot
      • Mohamed Esmat, Cloud Enterprise Architect Senior Manager, Accenture
      • Sandeep Gupta, Lead, Product Partnerships at Google Chrome
      • Moderator: Ryan Costello, Enterprise Infrastructure Engineer, VDI Lead at Google Cloud
    • Tuesday Aug 29, 5:00 pm: Come by our networking reception to meet industry luminaries from Google, Workspot and our joint customers and partners in a relaxing environment.
    • Wednesday Aug 30, 8:30 am: Pop in for breakfast 8:30 am – 10:00 am, then watch the keynote in our cool space at 10:30.
    • Wednesday Aug 30, 12:00 pm: Lunch is served! You can also hear from the experts on how to manage Microsoft workloads on Google Cloud to achieve 20%+ better performance, global scalability, and achieve a net zero carbon footprint. These panel experts are sure to generate a lively discussion!
      • Jack Lo, Sr. Director of Engineering from Google
      • Fabián Duarte, Associate CTO from SADA
      • Jimmy Chang, Chief Product Officer from Workspot
      • Moderator: Ryan Costello, Enterprise Infrastructure Engineer, VDI Lead at Google Cloud
    • Wednesday Aug 30, 4:00 pm: Don’t miss our Women in Industries” panel featuring leaders from GM, Salesforce, Google, LinkedIn, and Okta discussing “Rules to Thrive.”
      • Laura Wichinsky, Global Head of Strategic Technology Partnerships at GM
      • Windy Nicholson, VP Technology and Product, Mergers and Acquisitions Integration at Salesforce
      • Ankita Sharda, Cloud Strategy and Transformation Leader at Google
      • Aarthi Jayaram, Sr. Director of Engineering at LinkedIn
      • Alvina Antar, CIO at Okta
      • Host: Olga Lykova, Head of GTM at Workspot

You can register for all the VDI Hub activities here.

  • Workspot News:
    Tuesday Aug 29: We’ve got exciting news to announce that is a game changer for end user computing in large enterprises. We’re all about modern VDI – and that means simplicity without compromises, stronger security, greater business agility and amazing performance everyone will love. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Google Next Expo:
    Tues-Wed-Thurs: Booths #225 and #1407: Demos, demos and more demos! Of course, we can get you some hands-on time to see our innovative VDI platform in action at the VDI Hub, but you can find us on the event show floor too! We’re hanging out with our friends at NetApp and NVIDIA. Look for Brad Peterson and other Workspotters, have a chat and catch a demo at the NetApp booth #225 and NVIDIA booth #1407.

Register for your VDI Hub experience now!

See you in San Francisco!