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The Psychological and Organizational Cost of Legacy VDI and The Beginning of a New Era with Workspot’s On-Premises Capabilities

Oh yes, the good old legacy VDI. A system that used to hold so much promise but now feels like a chain around the IT department’s ankles. It’s not simply a piece of technology; it’s a burden on your emotions as well. It is a never-ending cycle that depletes both resources and spirits due to the frequent changes, the rigidity, and the lengthy transition periods that might last for months.

The Challenges with Legacy VDI

Permit me to paint an image: if you have spent any serious length of time with these on-premises solutions, you are already intimately familiar with these challenges. You can’t escape the swamp of outmoded technology in which you find yourself. The maintenance and upkeep of brokers, portals, licensing servers and databases is an ongoing source of frustration. Are you making the switch to a new system? Prepare yourself for a trying procedure that may take several months or maybe several years to complete. And increasingly, you cannot even hire the resources you need to do the work. All of this takes a serious mental and emotional toll.. Your users are unhappy. The daily norms include feelings of frustration, exhaustion, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. And let’s not even talk about the financial drain; it’s a bottomless pit.

The Beginning of a New Era: The On-Premises Capabilities of Workspot

What if, though, I told you that there is a way out of this quagmire? Is there any way to escape this repetitive and draining pattern? The on-premises capabilities offered by the Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform are more than just a step forward in technological development; today they are an absolute necessity for enterprises. This is why:

Imagine a future in which a cloud-native service replaces the complex deployment of brokers, portals, load balancers, gateways, databases, agents, etc. You are no longer responsible for updating or scaling the service. Imagine a future in which a single pane of glass replaces a complex web of management tools. With it you can deploy and operate virtual desktops and applications on either  your on-premises infrastructure or your favorite public cloud infrastructure. This is what we mean when we talk about operational simplicity. The unified approach provided by Workspot helps alleviate the complexity that has been plaguing your IT team, thereby providing a welcome influx of fresh air and a newly discovered sense of freedom.

The process of modernizing VDI is  not simply a change; rather, it is a transformation. A transition that will take you from the technological dark ages into a future that is so dazzling you will need to wear sunglasses! You’ll no longer be lagging behind the technological curve if you use Workspot; rather, you’ll be setting the pace.

What About Switching Costs?

You have multiple choices: (i) deploy Workspot for a new use case re-using your existing on-premises infrastructure for virtual desktops (ii) deploy Workspot for a new use case all in the cloud (iii) replace an existing legacy VDI implementation. With the infrastructure in place, you can conduct a pilot in a day, and you can take your first use case to production in about 45 days. That should be a most welcome surprise!

Moving to the on-premises capabilities of Workspot is not only a drastic upgrade in technology; it is also an emotional and operational emancipation. The days of dreading system updates and being terrified of the process of transitioning are behind us. Workspot makes the process easy, productive, and suited to your specific requirements at every step of the way.

The True Price: Workspot in Comparison to Legacy VDI

The statistics don’t lie. When you take into account not only the direct expenditures but also the indirect costs, such as downtime, missed productivity, and the emotional toll on your team, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for traditional VDI is exorbitant. The on-premises capabilities of Workspot provide a total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction that is not merely noteworthy; it is revolutionary. On average, Workspot’s customers have experienced a 50% reduction in software costs and 67% reduction in operational costs. Workspot’s SLA can reduce lost productivity by up to 80%, further enhancing your savings. You will now be able to allocate resources where they are most needed, which is in the areas of innovation and growth, because automatic scaling and the removal of labor-intensive upgrades have made this possible.

Successes in the Real World

Although the theoretical benefits are enticing, the success stories that have been achieved in the real world are the ultimate testament. Companies all around the world have finally been able to break free from the shackles of legacy VDI, and as a result, they are benefitting from operational efficiency and greater agility – as well as emotional relief – that they never dreamed was even possible.

How Can We Help You With Your Struggle to be Free?

The transition from the torturous world of legacy VDI to the freedom offered by the on-premises capabilities of Workspot is more than just a technology migration; it is a seismic shift in the capabilities of your business and in how you feel about the technology supporting it. Modernizing end-user computing this way is a significant step toward taking back control of your technology as well as improving your mental health!

Workspot’s on-premises capabilities offer a pathway to a future where VDI is not just about access but also about empowerment, agility, and the type of success that you can feel in your bones in a world where technology should be a driver of success and not a source of anguish.

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