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The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud: Our New Look Reflects Our Customer Commitment

Sometimes the meaning behind corporate logos is pretty obscure, and sometimes the message is clear. I hope our intent shines through in the new logo design we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks!

So what is the thinking behind the design? The logo reflects three core Workspot values: Simplicity. Conviction. Customer Commitment. “Workspot. Period.” Yet I say that in the friendliest possible way. Over the next few weeks you’ll see the new logo appear on our website, throughout our collateral and our advertising.

Here are my thoughts around the three values the logo encompasses.


Workspot was founded around the notion that legacy virtual desktop offerings were just too complex (and hence expensive!) to either satisfy the flexibility and agility needs of large organizations or to be sustainable over the long term. From the very first conversation among our founders, CEO Amitabh Sinha along with veterans from VMware and Twilio, simplicity was job #1, and implicit in the simplicity priority was the notion that there had to be a way to better serve customers; also job #1. Those of us who have been in the virtual desktop space have always believed fervently in the potential benefits; the problem was actually delivering on the VDI promise so companies could achieve those benefits.

Fast-forward to today and the antidote we invented to wipe out complexity: The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform. This innovative, 100% cloud-native SaaS solution is driving massive transformation in the way desktops are delivered to end users. The solution’s foundation, the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric™ architecture draws a line in the sand between complexity and simplicity, between rigidity and flexibility, and its unique design also enforces your Zero Trust Security policy. With Workspot, simplicity and enterprise-readiness go hand-in-hand; there are no tradeoffs or compromises.

To achieve operational simplicity, we focus on three primary areas:

  1. The Desktop Control Fabric architecture is designed for high availability so users can connect to their cloud desktops reliably.
  2. 24×7 monitoring, real-time data collection and big data analysis about usage, security events, and errors from all the service components involved in the delivery of the cloud desktop experience.
  3. A focus on pro-active mitigation, which includes resolving a problem fast, and understanding and mitigating the impact of a problem across more users or more customers.

It’s significant that we invented the technology and we operate the SaaS platform. This keeps us very close to usage behavior, so we are constantly monitoring, learning, innovating, and simplifying.


We’re really not shy about our conviction that our SaaS platform for cloud desktops is the best approach to virtual desktops, nor are we being arrogant. The proof is our happy customers. Whether they have transitioned from the physical PC world or the legacy VDI world, across the board, they are achieving unprecedented business benefits. We refer to those other desktop approaches as “do-it-yourself” (DIY) solutions, because whether we’re talking about physical PC management, on-premises VDI management, or legacy, cloud-based broker-as-a-service solutions, they all have one thing in common: your IT team owns deployment, management, upgrades, troubleshooting and the overall SLA of the desktops. That requires a lot of work and a lot of money. The OpEx associated with all those complex, moving parts just keeps growing over time, but ever-growing operating costs are not the only issue. Scalability, agility, performance and security are all serious problems with these outmoded approaches to end user computing – and they slow your business down.

This is why we have such conviction that DIY is out, and SaaS is in. Workspot frees your IT team from all the micro-management required with physical desktops and legacy VDI. We take responsibility for the SLA of your cloud desktops, with industry leading 99.95% uptime. Your valuable in-house resources can spend time on projects that are far more strategic to the business, and with Workspot, end user computing becomes more secure and delivers stunning performance so your business can thrive.

Customer Commitment

I love this quote from one of our customers: “I can honestly say in almost 25 years of working in this industry I have never worked with a more professional and customer-focused company than Workspot.“ That feels good! I cannot emphasize enough the extent of our customer commitment. You won’t find a finer group of experts than the people in our Customer Success and Customer Support teams, who work closely with you to ensure success with your deployment, both initially and for the long term. We know we can transform your business, and that excitement and desire for growth for both Workspot and for our customers is deeply ingrained in how we operate – our “customer first” culture is what drives us every day, and it’s what earns us an off-the-charts net dollar retention rate. That means we have a whole bunch of very happy customers who stay with us and grow their Workspot footprint. Plus, the platform is continually evolving through our agile development process, and many new features are actually suggested by our customers. Customer-sourced features begin with ideas that are generated through our ongoing partnership with you. Your Workspot customer success champions are deeply tuned in to your evolving business requirements, and a natural output of your regular, ongoing discussions with your CS champion includes feature ideas that we’re able to bring to life quickly. This is the beauty of having both invented our cloud desktop platform while also running the cloud desktop service ourselves. It places you as close to product development as you can get, with Customer Success acting as your advocate for creating new features that address your evolving business requirements. This customer-first commitment, along with our technology innovation, is what puts Workspot leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

“Workspot. Period.” 🙂 All that in a logo! I hope you like it.

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