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Webinar Series: Workspot Cloud Conversations with CIOs & Microsoft

When you discover something great, you want to share it with your family, friends and colleagues, right?  That’s exactly what we’re doing during our upcoming webinar series with Microsoft and two of our customers. Our webinar series reflects the cloud conversations we are having with CIOs around the world! We’re teaming up with our friends at Microsoft, and we’ve asked two AEC (architecture, engineering & construction) CIOs to join us to share what they’ve learned from their GPU cloud workstation deployments on Azure. Whether you’re in the AEC sector or not, if you’re an IT leader, I’m willing to bet you’re going to discover a new possibility for your company, no matter the industry you’re in. Workspot customer success spans AEC, Legal, Healthcare, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Financial Services and more.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar series is for every IT leader. Why? The success our customers in AEC (and many other industries) are having is possible because of Workspot’s innovative architecture, combined with the global ubiquity of Azure. No one else can do what we do, and that’s why enterprise IT leaders should join us to learn more about how we are uniquely positioning our customers for accelerating their growth objectives. AEC power users (CAD engineers and BIM managers) are the most demanding users on the planet; they absolutely cannot compromise on the performance of their apps! Any virtual desktop solution must perform as well as or better than a local workstation, or all bets are off. That’s really telling for enterprises in any industry. We’ve taken virtual desktop performance concerns off the table. CIO Andy Knauf says “We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot on Azure.”


Cloud conversations with CIOs features the power of GPU cloud workstations at the edge.

What Will the Webinar Series Cover?

How is Workspot on Azure unique?

  • Global, distributed architecture for pursuing new business anywhere
  • Deploy in days for fast-time-to-value, greater productivity
  • Enterprise customizability for security & management
  • Better than physical PC performance for happy users!
  • Turnkey service that frees IT to tackle other priorities

Hear straight from the CIOs:

  • Journey from legacy technology to cloud services
  • Deployment process, success and caveats
  • Technology overview, including how to get built-in DR
  • Key transformation results, how IT innovation is driving growth

Choose Your Date!

Reserve your spot now! Choose from two dates, or attend both to hear from two different CIOs how they are innovating IT for growth.

Join Microsoft Sr PMM for High Performance Computing (HPC), Kevin Raines, customer Andy Knauf, CIO at Mead & Hunt, customer Brian Nordmann, CIO at Dudek and Workspot Executive Brad Peterson to discuss how you can transform your business using Workspot GPU Workstations in Azure.

Register: Tuesday April 30th 2019 at 10-11am EDT – featuring Andy Knauf, CIO at Mead & Hunt

Register: Thursday May 2nd 2019 at 3-4pm EDT – featuring Brian Nordmann, CIO at Dudek

If you don’t have time to attend the live webinar, you can schedule a private demo and discussion with our expert team.

We’re looking forward to sharing all this exciting customer success information with you!