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What is Multi-Region Cloud VDI & Why Does it Matter?

Did you get a chance to read our blog on the G.E.T. Framework for VDI? G.E.T represents the top 3 decision criteria for VDI solutions, and it’s important for you to carefully consider each to ensure your virtual desktop requirements are met. Today I want to focus on the “G” in G.E.T., which is “Global, infinite regions,” because the ability to support multi-region cloud VDI is a unique capability that is at the core of many cloud VDI benefits. To make sure your enterprise can achieve all these benefits, read on!

Use Cases for Multi-Region Cloud VDI

We have lots of conversations with large enterprise organizations, and a use case that comes up as a priority over and over is supporting remote developers, especially those offshore. When valuable, remote workers try to access the apps and data they need in a data center that is thousands of miles away, the physics of latency becomes an impediment, and that means productivity suffers. Lack of productivity has further implications on your business as projects fall behind schedule and experience cost overruns. You’ve heard about or even experienced this story, but now you should know there’s a better way.

The point is that if your developers (or other employees and contractors for that matter) reside across multiple geographic regions, your virtual desktop solution needs to be in multiple regions too.

Global, Infinite Regions

There are many benefits to be derived from the right virtual desktop solution for your developers, and we’ll get to those in a moment, but I can’t emphasize enough the importance of starting with two questions. Ask vendors: “Can you deploy desktops within 25 ms of each of my developers, globally?” and “How long will it take to do so?”

Multi-Region Cloud Desktops for Developers

If you start there, the rest of the decision process is straight forward. After all, why would you introduce or tolerate latency that makes people less productive? Plus, as you evaluate your cloud VDI options, I’m pretty sure you expect to be able to scale vertically (add tens, hundreds or thousands of users), and horizontally (deploy more desktops across cloud regions, globally), fast – often in a matter of minutes. Am I right? If that is the case, put Workspot on your short list.

The Rest of the Multi-Region Cloud VDI Story

I mentioned earlier that you can achieve so many benefits when you have the right virtual desktop solution, and we believe that cloud desktops deliver those benefits best, going way beyond legacy VDI. But look for multi-region cloud VDI capabilities.  That’s how enterprises can easily engage remote developers, whether they are contractors or employees, to scale their workforce globally as business needs change, while also providing amazing performance for developers. Some of the key benefits of Workspot Desktop Cloud for remote developers include:

  • Security
    • Eliminate reliance on end points for device security
    • IT has visibility across end-user activity globally
  • Data Sovereignty
    • Maintain compliance with local regulations
  • Performance
    • Low latency means higher developer productivity
    • Accelerated project delivery

If your organization has developers around the country or around the globe, you need a virtual desktop solution that scales horizontally across multiple cloud regions. That’s yet another way Workspot can help you achieve a competitive advantage! Let’s explore your unique requirements. Schedule a demo to see how it works!