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Workspot Cloud PC Net Promoter Score Part 2: Wow!

A few months ago we proudly presented the results of our first Workspot Cloud PC Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. It’s hard to not feel proud about this score – in fact it’s impossible. So I’m just going to say it: While most B2B companies collect scores in the 20’s and 30’s, our first NPS score back in April was 76! Now that’s not to say that an NPS score of 20 or 30 is bad. It’s just that 76 is off the charts, and since our customers assigned that score to us, we could not have been happier about it. To give you an idea, that gives us a higher NPS than Southwest Airlines(58), Zoom(51), and Google(48). But wait, there’s more!

Workspot Scored Again!

As a reminder, calculating an NPS score is as simple as tallying up your responses and subtracting the percentage of detractors from the percentage of promoters. A score that is above 0 is considered favorable. Above 20 is very good and above 50 is excellent.

Net Promoter Score: The Best and Most Humbling Way to Improve Yourself and your Business | by Ha Nguyen | Spero Ventures | Medium

Fast forward to October, we launched our second NPS survey, and it is concluding now. Here’s where we need a drum roll…the new Workspot Cloud PC Net Promoter Score is… 80! That is certainly cause for celebration, and we are so grateful for our customers’ responses.

“We rely on Workspot for just in time model cloud PCs for our immediate business requirements. The customer support model is fantastic.” – Kumaraguru Ramasamy, Mott MacDonald

The Workspot Customer Success Difference

I personally have never worked for a company where the customer is so core to everything we do. I mean how often can you get your Chief Product Officer or an engineer on the phone with your customers! We’ve talked about our Customer Success “flywheel” in the past, but it bears repeating, because organizations looking to modernize VDI or move away from physical PCs and workstations need to know how committed a vendor is to their success. Everyone says they are all about the customer, but here’s what Workspot actually does to prove it.

Here is how I view these five stages:

  1. Product – We offer an innovative platform for delivering Cloud PCs and applications that is unmatched in capabilities.
  2. Systems Integration – Our amazing onboarding team helps to integrate our solution with your cloud of choice, plus other key elements of your stack, including the security solutions and PC management tools you’ve already standardized on.
  3. Continuous Outcomes Optimization – Your dedicated Workspot account team will partner with you to ensure your desired business outcomes are met over the life of our engagement.
  4. Pro-active Operational Support – Our amazing support organization is always watching and helping you solve potential issues, sometimes before you even know there is a problem! They continuously garner accolades for their outstanding responsiveness.
  5. Product Enhancements – We listen to our customers feedback and push our product forward with their help. Our agile development process means we can bring new features, often suggested by our wonderful and innovative customer base, to life quickly to the benefit of all our customers.

“Solid technical and customer support. An excellent DaaS provider!” – Doug Edmunds, Summit Design and Engineering Services

There’s no COE Like Our COE

Customer success is everything! As our Field CTO, Matthew Davidson, puts it, we are second to none. Workspot’s world-class Cloud PC Center of Excellence (COE) is characterized by three important cornerstones, People, Processes, and Tools. Unlike other virtual desktop vendors delivering software solutions that you must design, install, configure, test, validate, deploy, and manage, all on your own, we partner with you throughout your cloud journey.

Our Customer Success Team is world-class. They have deep experience with old-school VDI and the challenges customers have been facing with it for decades. This experience is one of the reasons that customer satisfaction is so deeply embedded in our company culture, because we’ve seen customers struggle for too long, so we’re in the business of ending end user computing complexity. Plus, we simply hire high-quality people who truly care about your success. It’s that simple. Workspot is the only vendor that has delivered enterprise Cloud PC solutions for more than 5 years. Our experience shows, and it’s reflected in our astounding NPS score and in our Customer Support Team’s 100% satisfaction rate. We are continually innovating the platform as well as the processes we employ to make you successful.  Sophisticated tools, such as our Network Operations Center (NOC), offer industry-first monitoring and big data analysis for the ultimate Cloud PC availability and reliability that are unmatched by any other vendor.

Together, these cornerstones ensure the success of your unified end-user compute environment for the long-term, so you can focus on achieving your business goals.

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