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Workspot Observability for Productive, Happy End-Users

By Dan O’Farrell, Workspot VP of Product Marketing


Digital experience (DEX) monitoring and management has emerged as a growing area of IT focus for organizations looking to maintain a high level of end-user productivity and satisfaction, especially with today’s widely distributed workforces. With so many people working from home or at the very least in a hybrid office/home/remote manner, IT teams are challenged to make sure everyone stays satisfied with their end-user digital experience. This is especially true for organizations using VDI for remote workers, call centers, CAD/CAM designers, targeted app “task workers”, temporary or contract workers, etc.

Workspot’s enterprise VDI platform engineered for simplicity employs unique and powerful observability tools, integrated into the platform at no additional cost, to maintain unsurpassed levels of end-user productivity and satisfaction. These tools, called Workspot Watch and Workspot Trends, allow for deep real-time insight into every active VDI session across the enterprise, as well as in-depth ongoing historical tracking of all VDI sessions over time. While there are many 3rd party DEX monitoring tools available today that essentially sit “outside” the VDI platform to watch what is happening and respond with events and alarms, Workspot Watch and Trends allow IT teams to see and understand what is happening across the VDI estate to quickly respond to any problems that may arise, and in many cases thwart problems before they ever become evident to end-users. Workspot Watch even includes a quick questionnaire at the conclusion of each session to gain even greater clarity on the current level of end-user satisfaction.

The historical info gathered and displayed by Workspot Trends enables a keen understanding of what is happening across the VDI estate to help ensure end-users stay productive and happy over time, regardless of the various dynamics that can occur on an enterprise-wide network that includes a variety of devices and functions like gateways, routers, load balancers, data bases, virtual machines, brokers, app stores, DNS servers, etc.

In short, external DEX monitoring tools do a good job of watching and notifying when an end-user may be experiencing a problem. Workspot’s observability features empower IT to notice current or impending problems, understand them, and rapidly respond with the correct remedy to minimize or in some cases fully mitigate problems for end-users quickly and clearly.

It’s proactive problem protection and rapid resolution at its finest, and only possible with advanced observability features integrated inside the cloud-native VDI platform. To learn more, I encourage you to check out our new asset, Workspot Observability.

And if you’d like to see Workspot in action, feel free to request a demo.