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AGDATA Replaces Legacy VDI with Cloud Desktops for Remote Workers

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Since 1985, AGDATA has helped the leaders in agriculture to be more productive, efficient, and accurate in the collection and implementation of data driven marketing programs.


AGDATA’s existing, on-premises VDI solution just wasn’t fast enough, and they faced reliability issues. Contractors and developers working remotely experienced significant performance problems during the company’s frequent data backups, which usually happened at night in the U.S., but which is daytime in many parts of the world – exactly when many of their remote team members needed to be working. The productivity hit, coupled with end-user frustration, spurred the need for change. While the IT team was very experienced with both hosted VDI and on-premises solutions, they knew it was time to find a solution that not only solved performance problems but would also give them more business flexibility. The decision was made to move away from the complexity of their current solution and deploy their virtual desktops in Azure.


AGDATA’s IT Manager Travis Nieves discovered Workspot while researching VDI in Azure. He reached out to schedule a demo and a requirements discussion. With so much VDI experience, Travis had a very clear idea of what the company needed, and a proof of concept would validate that Workspot could deliver on those requirements. From there, the proof of concept was set up quickly. Travis says, “I didn’t expect the amount of attention we received. I was able to access the Customer Success team whenever I needed it.” The AGDATA team was very impressed with the deployment process. In particular, they appreciated the expectation setting that made it very clear what they could expect from Workspot and what was expected of AGDATA, and we were able to be as hands-on or off as we wanted during configuration.” Deployment milestones included:

  • Performance validation with key stakeholders during the POC
  • Rolled the POC seamlessly to production cloud desktops
  • Decommissioned on-premises VDI


  • Improved performance for remote workers
  • Expanded ability to hire talent globally
  • Fewer support tickets submitted
  • Desktop SLA ownership shift to Workspot simplified IT
  • Flexibility to easily add users to support business growth

Today the IT team can add a cloud desktop in under 10 minutes, allowing new team members to be productive immediately.

“Workspot's technology is great."

“Aside from the technology, the responsiveness of the Customer Success team was the best part. I really appreciated that.”

Travis Nieves – IT Manager