Simple, But Engineered for The Global Enterprise.

IT leaders are seeking solutions that generates high employee productivity and keeps their organization secure. You need to customize everything and use your images, security policies, MFA, and more. Avoiding disruption to existing IT workflows and processes is important too because you don’t have time for re-training. In designing Workspot to be simple, we also designed it for the global enterprise customer that has invested decades in the tools, processes and staff to secure their Windows desktops.

Simple Enterprise Cloud. No Compromises.

Workspot reinvented virtual desktops with its Cloud Desktop Fabric™, built specifically for enterprise requirements.

Workspot Cloud PC was built for enterprise deployments and integrates with:

  • Your custom apps
  • Your custom auth (Okta, Azure AD, etc.)
  • Your custom security policies
  • Your custom images
  • Your custom tools (SCCM, BigFix, etc.)
  • Your custom processes
  • Your custom infrastructure

Workspot addresses the unique requirements of your users and use cases and is optimized for delivering unmatched performance no matter where users are located.

Download the executive brief: What Makes a Cloud Desktop Solution Enterprise Ready?