One-click, On-demand PC Disaster Recovery

The Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud on Microsoft Azure provides an innovative and simplified disaster recovery (DR) solution for physical PCs that gets your business back to productivity with just one click. Now you can have Windows 10 virtual desktops on standby in the cloud, ready and up-to-date with all your corporate applications.

When a business disruption occurs and employees cannot reach the office to access their physical desktops, your standby, virtual desktops can be activated on-demand with a single click, and within hours you’re back in business. End users simply connect to their virtual desktops from anywhere using any device, including home PCs, Macs, and tablets.

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Disaster Recovery Cloud - Standby Windows 10 desktops on Azure

“Disaster Recovery Cloud”
Jimmy Chang – VP of Products

In a disaster, people can be productive from the safest location, using any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device


Legacy PC Disaster Recovery Is Risky

There are essentially two legacy disaster recovery solutions for physical PCs: Reserving a mobile disaster recovery unit that is delivered onsite, or redirecting people to an alternative building that is outfitted with the appropriate IT equipment. Both approaches involve complex upfront planning, both are expensive, and both have challenges that create risk for your organization. To determine if it’s time to reevaluate your approach to DR for office workers, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • What if you can’t easily test the solution to ensure everything works?
  • What if employees cannot travel to the alternate site?
  • What if you need more PCs than you planned for?
  • What if there are availability constraints during peak demand?

You need to know your DR solution will work when you need it most!

Business Continuity Begins with Safety

When business disruption occurs, the safety of employees and their families is of utmost concern. Often the best policy is for staff to stay at home, especially during a natural disaster. With Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud, meeting your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is easier than ever and employees can be productive from the safest location, on any device. Organizations can count on their Workspot DR desktops being deployed far faster than traditional DR solutions – and without the risks involved in transporting and delivering “old-school” mobile recovery units or the complexity of setting up an alternative work location.

Disaster Recovery Cloud - Standby Windows 10 desktops on Azure

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