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Why do Windows 10 desktops need easy backup and fast restore?
Any IT organization managing physical desktops for a distributed workforce
has experienced the challenges that arise when PCs get corrupted due to
user error, patch issues, software testing, malware or other reasons.
Restoring PCs can take hours – and that’s if you are in the same location as
your users. If your users are remote, restoring a PC can take days or weeks.
In either scenario, the business is going to lose productivity.
Cloud desktops simplify the PC management process by centralizing the
desktop in a public cloud, making it easier to ensure application and security
patches are properly applied. But persistent cloud desktops are still
incomplete without a backup-restore process that preserves customizations.
End user computing (EUC) is one of the most mission critical functions for
most organizations. Despite all the benefits, some organizations still have
concerns about moving EUC to the cloud because the underlying
infrastructure is out of IT’s control. What happens if there is a natural
disaster or other event that shuts down the cloud region you depend on?

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform SaaS solution offers
unmatched resiliency for cloud desktops in two fundamental ways. The first
method is easy backup and restore within the same cloud region to address
desktop corruption issues. Second, Workspot innovation created the
industry’s first multi-region business continuity solution, which enables IT to
maintain a backup of each cloud desktop in another cloud region , allowing
users to seamlessly access their cloud desktop in the event their primary
cloud region goes down.

Workspot Backup-Restore brings resiliency to cloud desktops

Workspot’s cloud desktops are more robust than other cloud desktop solutions
on the market. Our in-region Backup-Restore feature can be essential for IT
organizations looking to manage desktops across globally distributed teams. In
general, a cloud desktop can be re-provisioned within minutes if it gets
corrupted. However, if a user has a persistent cloud desktop, a simple re-
provision will result in a full reset, which means the user would lose all their
personalization (e.g. local files, libraries, and their family picture screensaver!)
and may spend valuable time reconfiguring their desktop, resulting in loss of
productivity. In-region Backup-Restore solves this issue.
IT can use the in-region Backup-Restore feature to address a range of issues:

  • User error leading to corruption or deletion of cloud desktop(s) for
    multiple users leading to loss in productivity
  • Software developers compile a code that corrupts the cloud desktop and the
    user is required to re-configure all libraries and settings IT-controlled, one-click restore
  • A user in a highly regulated industry accidentally or deliberately deletes data
    from their desktop and IT must recover all such data for compliance / legal reasons
  • A new software update or patch corrupts / interferes with functioning of certain applications on the desktop and needs to be removed
  • The feature can also be utilized in certain instances of malware removal, digital forensics and eDiscovery.


    The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform is a SaaS is built on a modern
    architecture, offering innovative business resiliency options to ensure that your
    users can get back to business productivity quickly after a disruption.
    The feature is self-service for IT and can be activated with a single-click within
    Workspot’s web-based admin console – Workspot Control

    Simple to set up and operate

    1. First, your “everyday” cloud desktops are set up in Workspot.
    2. Next, IT can enable the backup feature and allow for creation of backups
      with daily, weekly or monthly restore points. These backups will exist in
      the same cloud region as the primary desktop.
    3. When the cloud desktop needs to be restored, the IT admin restores the
      cloud desktop with just a single click.


    Public cloud providers can suffer from the same challenges as private data
    centers. Internal problems such as user error or equipment failures can
    impact uptime, or a cloud region can be impacted by natural disasters such
    as hurricanes and tornados. Services such as Downdetector that monitor and
    track the outages of many cloud and service providers can be helpful.
    Workspot’s industry-leading, multi-cloud resiliency also helps enterprises
    ensure end user productivity even when their primary cloud region
    experiences an outage.
    In addition to the in-region backup of users’ desktops, IT is able to configure
    a snapshot in a secondary region. In the event that the primary region is
    unavailable, IT simply redirects users to their desktops in the alternate region
    so they can get back to productivity fast.
    Although there are other cloud desktop solutions available, Workspot is the
    only cloud desktop vendor today that has this resilience capability.

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