Workspot is an insanely simple, turnkey service for delivering enterprise-class virtual desktops, apps, and workstations from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  We deliver value to you on day one with our unmatched business model, offering customers flat-rate subscription pricing that includes Azure and Google Cloud compute costs and Go-Live Deployment Services.

Cloud Desktops for Healthcare

Healthcare IT needs to deliver secure mobile access to EMR applications for their doctors, nurses, and administrative staff. Security & HIPAA compliance is of utmost importance for CIOs.

With Workspot cloud desktop and cloud app solutions running in Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, healthcare customers can securely access a full virtual Windows 10 desktop, or just the individual apps they need – anywhere and from any device.  Customers can run their workloads securely in cloud regions around the world.

Hospitals, clinics, and multi-location practices provide their users with the flexibility to work from any location with secure access to EMR apps and patient clinical records on any device, including BYOD.

“The speed of our systems increased dramatically, saving us 30-60 minutes per day. That’s the difference between seeing patients on time and being 1 hour behind.”

Tom Merkle – Director of IT, Houston Eye Associates

Benefits of Cloud Desktops for Healthcare

Workspot cloud desktops and cloud apps provide customers in the healthcare industry with several benefits:

  • Provides doctors, surgeons, physician’s assistants, nurses, radiologists, design engineers with mobility to work from anywhere with instant and secure access to relevant data (patient data, healthcare records, x-ray images, 3D graphic models) and EMR applications from any location (reception desk, examination room, patient room, doctor’s office, home), on any device
  • Rapid processing of complex and graphics-intensive images
  • Data security – confidential patient and healthcare records remains secure in customer’s cloud tenant
  • Enables IT to replace expensive, inflexible, sluggish and complex legacy VDI and BYOD solutions with a more secure and performant solution
  • Zero CapEx and low TCO, eliminating heavy upfront investments while releasing IT from the burden of continuous upgrades, maintenance and hardware refresh cycles

Solution Brief: Workspot for Healthcare

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