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Healthcare organizations have never faced more difficult challenges, requiring them to mitigate risk while improving patient outcomes. Balancing security and privacy measures with fast access to patient records is paramount to keep healthcare professionals focused on what they do best: patient care.

Many healthcare organizations have implemented traditional VDI solutions which can be helpful for securing apps and data; however, the end user experience is often poor, which reduces overall productivity and disrupts the patient experience. Moreover, the complexity and ever-growing operational costs of these legacy solutions use resources sub-optimally at a time when IT teams need to do more with much less.

Desktops, apps and GPU workstations delivered from the public cloud completely change the virtual desktop landscape. Now, even stronger security and outstanding app performance go hand in hand; there’s no need for healthcare IT teams to trade one for the other.

Download the Solution Brief to learn more about how cloud desktops for healthcare dramatically simplify IT while fortifying security and delivering a great user experience!

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