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The Enterprise VDI Platform Engineered for Simplicity

Managed service providers (MSPs) have assumed a significant presence among IT solution providers around the globe. Many common computing workloads are rapidly moving from customer managed on-premises architectures to a service provider delivery model. This movement was already in motion prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that global event, with most workers moving to a remote or hybrid working model, served as a significant accelerator toward a global hybrid multi-cloud world. Organizations are now faced with the important decision on how to best take advantage of the service provider model for a globally distributed and increasingly remote workforce.  Many organizations are moving away from shipping PCs to users.

Virtual desktops and applications, commonly referred to as “VDI”, has proven to be extremely effective and attractive to organizations looking to manage and control their end-user apps and desktops while giving their people the freedom to work securely from anywhere, on their endpoint device(s) of choice.  MSPs are well positioned to take customer organizations from shipping PCs to a managed VDI service in existing datacenters and expanding to the cloud to extend reach and maintain flexibility.

Workspot for MSPs

Engineered for simplicity, Workspot’s cloud-native VDI technology was designed to operate in the cloud while taking full advantage of the security, ease-of-management, flexibility, and economy benefits compared to traditional VDI technologies that were designed decades ago for on-premises computing.

Workspot’s architecture allows

Existing MSPs to expand an on-premises VDI business to the cloudMSPs looking to add VDI as a service provider offering to existing lines of business, without the heavy lift of a legacy VDI platform

Specifically, for MSPs, Workspot combined with your existing VMware vSphere or Nutanix-powered datacenter and the cloud vendors of choice including Amazon Workspaces (AWS), the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure offers several key capabilities and benefits not possible with any of today’s legacy VDI technology providers.  These include:

Security: Workspot works hand-in-glove to strongly contribute to any enterprise-wide zero trust security architecture. The Workspot client helps fortify zero trust security on any device running Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chrome, Linux-based thin clients, or web clients. Enhanced security includes Workspot Client Posture Check, Lockdown Mode, and strong authentication with the most popular authentication technologies from Entra ID (formerly known as Azure AD), Okta, Yubikey, and Windows Hello. Workspot supports device, location, and network-based security policies, as well as domain credentials and vulnerability scans. Workspot Control info runs in the cloud-based control plane, separately from user data, none of which actually runs in the cloud. There are no shared gateways, and Workspot is SOC2 Type 2 cloud service compliant. Finally, deep data inspection and collection from Workspot Watch and Workspot Trends enables security information and event management (SIEM) systems like Splunk to verify that the end-to-end zero trust model is operating correctly. All of this underscores the fact that Workspot offers a very strong zero trust contribution within the VDI realm.

 “4 nines” reliability: MSP services must maintain high availability and reliability, and MSPs who excel in those areas can separate themselves from competitors.  Workspot-powered end-user sessions can be configured over multiple clouds (e.g., both AWS and GCP) and across multiple regions, with automatic session failover in case services get disrupted. This unique ability to operate VDI sessions between clouds and within or across several regions from the VDI host or cloud to the end-user device enables extreme 99.99% availability for end-users located anywhere in the world. MSP customers can thus have unsurpassed confidence that those working on mission-critical tasks will have access to their key apps and desktops not just from anywhere, but also at any time.

Great end-user experiences from anywhere: For MSPs, happy end-users equal growth. Workspot’s ability to run across multiple clouds and within and between multiple regions (as mentioned above) enables outstanding performance, even for people working on GPU-driven, graphics-rich applications like CAD/CAM, simulation and modeling, video editing, and video-heavy unified communications. The reasons are clear.  Workspot’s VDI technology is a full generation ahead of its traditional legacy alternatives, and since Workspot supports virtual apps and desktops hosted within any geographic regions where a cloud provider (or customer) has a data center, VDI sessions can be conducted across a minimal distance for those apps that demand minimal latency. It’s a simple physics challenge that Workspot can solve much easier than single-cloud or region restricted solutions.

Deep end-user session insight and clear foresight: Workspot Watch and Workspot Trends enable any MSP to be fully aware of the state of all active VDI sessions in real time, with full archival of historical data for trend and forensic analyses at any time. Supporting a multi-tenant architecture where session details can be exported via API to various SIEM and accounting platforms, this deep, comprehensive data capture and resulting knowledge enables proactive problem avoidance and extremely rapid problem resolution when needed. For MSP IT teams, It all points to happier end-users. Moreover, Workspot Watch and Workspot Trends come with your Workspot subscription at no extra cost – they are embedded and included with the base technology. This precludes the need to tack on expensive third-party software that cannot provide the same level of detail and insight on the quality end-user sessions.

Cost savings: While offered with a very reasonable, economical licensing structure, Workspot was designed from Day One to manage and control end-users’ devices from the cloud. Since Workspot is cloud-native, it supports a lineup of cloud-based “mini-services” that are designed to take full advantage of basic services within each of the major clouds like hibernating VMs during periods of lower demand, or quickly spinning up new VMs during busy periods (e.g., morning, mid-afternoon, post-disruption, retail hourly or seasonal demand, etc.).  Workspot’s technology works hand-in-glove with AWS, GCP, and Azure to make sure any MSP’s services are offered not just with great performance and reliability, but as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Instant global reach and data sovereignty built in:  Workspot’s architecture makes it location and cloud agnostic.  That means MSPs can leverage 140+ public cloud regions and zones concurrently to deliver the best price-performance flexibility service to the customer.  Need to stand up a 9-month project in a specific country? Onboarding an acquisition in India?  Need to spin up GPU workstations for contractors in southeast Asia?  Done, done, done – by tomorrow morning!  How’s that for service?

Cloud-based business continuity option without the Capex: Workspot enables MSPs to add a flexible, on demand, business continuity and ransomware recovery business option without the capital expenditure (CapEx) upfront.  A strong majority of solution providers have expressed interest in expanding their business by adding business continuity at a low cost when not activated.  Workspot Business Continuity on public cloud enables an MSP to offer 10, 20, and even 30 thousand users in less than 60 minutes without having to purchase or reserve the cloud-based hosts upfront and thus keeping the cost ultra-low.


If you…

  • aspire to become a VDI MSP
  • are an established VDI MSP facing uncertainty with your current VDI technology vendor
  • are looking to modernize your current service to thrive in a hybrid multi-cloud world

….. then Workspot can enable you to offer the most flexible and economically viable VDI service, designed for the long run, in the shortest amount of time. Workspot offers unique advantages to securely offer consistently great end-user experiences using any of the major public clouds anywhere around the globe, with unprecedented levels of performance, reliability, and insight – at a cost that can fit any budget.






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