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Cloud PCs: a game-changer for IT troubleshooting

Workspot CEO shares his thoughts about the importance of 24×7 real-time monitoring for Cloud PC implementations. Read the full article in Inside Big Data.

Gone are the days of all employees operating under one network within the perimeter of a central office space. Today the norm is to work-anywhere, from a variety of locations using multiple endpoints. Hybrid and remote work models have been shown to increase employee productivity, and they also help companies attract and recruit top talent, according to 76% of IT leaders. Yet as companies evolve to support more extensive remote work, troubleshooting end user computing issues becomes more complex. IT teams struggle to stay in front of a variety of challenges, including a vastly larger cyber attack surface, which can impact productivity and business continuity. Modern enterprises recognize that inadequate end user computing technology results in costly inefficiency, security risks, and downtime. They are quickly concluding that traditional virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and physical PCs cannot keep up with today’s requirements for security, scalability, performance, and reliability.

These factors are prompting many to switch to Cloud PC solutions. When adopting a Cloud PC solution, one of the most important features to look for is 24/7, real-time monitoring of Cloud PC health with trend correlation and analysis. Continuous observability helps the IT operations team detect patterns and root causes across the IT environment to proactively mitigate computing issues. Not only does this data analysis foster both end user and IT team productivity by easing the IT troubleshooting burden, but it can also reveal behaviors that indicate a potential security breach. Equipping IT teams with a sophisticated, big data trending and correlation engine that makes global Cloud PC observability easy means less time troubleshooting and more time contributing to the success of the business.