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Top IT Challenges: VDI and the Cloud

While two of the most common IT solutions implemented by the enterprise are the cloud and VDI, organizations currently face big challenges when it comes to user adoption. Common hindrances include inconsistent implementation, lack of ability to customize, and lack of frequent updates. Believe it or not, these issues are enough for IT professionals to abandon third-party solutions, and manually handle the needs of their company instead.

The top feature requests from IT professionals for software solutions include quicker deployment time, easier on-boarding, cloud-based infrastructure, and frequent updates. These components can also enhance an organization’s ability to confer benefits like scalability and flexibility, which IT professionals identify as particularly valuable to their jobs and to their companies. Finally, while many organizations identify big data as the next big challenge and intend to implement big data projects in 2017, similar obstacles remain. New solutions must evolve to address the critical issues that ultimately hamper user adoption.

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