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Workspot Debuts Workspot Watch™, a Big Data Engine that Fuels Industry-Leading Cloud PC Security, Performance and Availability

Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud Exceeds 99.95% Desktop Uptime in 2021

CAMPBELL, Calif. – July 29, 2021 – Workspot today announced Workspot Watch™, a big data trending and correlation engine that provides real-time visibility into Workspot’s globally-distributed cloud desktop platform. Workspot Watch is deeply instrumented into every layer of Workspot Desktop Cloud, an enterprise-proven, multi-cloud SaaS platform used by IT organizations to deliver virtual desktops and GPU workstations. Workspot Watch enables Workspot’s operations team to deliver industry-leading desktop Service Level Agreements (SLA) and gives customers unprecedented visibility into the security, performance and availability of Workspot cloud desktops globally.

Workspot Watch collects, analyzes and correlates more than 12 million records of data – which is about 1 MB of data per user per day – from endpoint devices, virtual machine agents, protocol gateways, enterprise connectors and other control plane services. The data from Workspot Watch powers Workspot’s Network Operations Center (NOC) and provides the operations team with a real-time view of every Workspot end user. Watch includes distributed tracing that enables rapid tracking of the root cause of a connection or performance issue, often before the end user is even aware of a problem. The NOC allows Workspot to deliver industry-leading availability and performance for its customers’ global cloud desktop deployments.

Workspot Watch surfaces hundreds of actionable alerts daily to help the operations team understand potential issues with user connectivity, authentication, security, performance thresholds, network connectivity and more. Customers can gain deep insights into the user behavioral data feed from Workspot Watch by integrating with SIEM tools like Splunk, Elastic, Logstash and Kabana.

The benefits of Workspot Watch include:

  • Industry-leading Cloud Desktop Uptime: Workspot Watch provides Workspot’s customer operations team with global visibility and enables them to proactively alert customers to potential issues before they result in end user downtime. Workspot can identify in seconds when a user is unable to connect and quickly ascertain the cause, whether it’s at the level of password, user, pool, company, network, gateway, or even a cloud region.
  • Simplified Compliance: Because of Workspot’s architecture, which separates the control plane from the customer’s data plane, Workspot never has access to customer data, which removes the platform from scope in compliance audits.
  • Mitigation of Ransomware: Through Workspot Watch, Workspot support teams can identify and quickly diagnose ransomware attacks, and proactively mitigate them before they do further damage. Workspot’s multi-region backup capabilities further ensure business continuity.

Jimmy Chang, chief product officer, Workspot, said: “At Workspot, we’ve always made the success of our customers the most important priority. As part of Workspot’s Desktop-as-a- Service platform, Workspot Watch will play a crucial and increasingly valuable role in ensuring our customers can deliver reliability for the end user computing resources they need, and that their users are happy and productive. They can now make real-time decisions from the data analytics powered by Workspot Watch.”

To learn more about Workspot Watch, visit our blog.

About Workspot

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform is the only 100% cloud-native SaaS solution that delivers enterprise-class desktop-as-a-service (DaaS). This innovative service lets IT provision cloud desktops and workstations in minutes – not months – and securely deliver the right compute capabilities for each user, on any device, anywhere they want to work. Unlike do-it-yourself style virtual desktop offerings, Workspot’s innovative Desktop Control Fabric™ taps the reach and power of every hyper-scale, public cloud region globally, all from a central console. IT can expect fast time-to-value and on-demand, global scalability. Business leaders can respond faster to changing market dynamics, pursue new opportunities globally and hire the best talent anywhere, while fulfilling cloud-first mandates that position their companies for accelerated growth. For more information on Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud solutions please visit www.workspot.com.

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