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This fast-growing AEC firm needed to open five branch offices quickly, without implementing a full stack of servers and other IT infrastructure in each location. Included in their requirements was making sure that the more than 300 CAD designers using AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit and Bentley, among other applications, have outstanding performance, as if they were using a local workstation.

Having deep experience with legacy VDI solutions, the IT team knew they had to look elsewhere if they were going to meet power-user requirements for reliability, remote working, and great performance. Today, Workspot cloud workstations are delivered from Microsoft Azure to CAD engineers on low-cost devices, giving them the exceptional performance -as if apps were running on a local workstation —the firm was hoping for.

The firm also views the ability to work with joint venture partners and subcontractors in new ways as “nothing short of revolutionary” for the AEC industry. The firm is able to create Workspot instances for subcontractors and partners so that they can all work on the same project and keep the data where it’s accessible by everyone, with each party using their own CAD and BIM application licenses. Quinn expects

Ultimately, CTO Eric Quinn said, “Workspot is the only way to deliver the kind of user experience that keeps our CAD engineers and my IT team happy and productive.”

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