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Life sciences organizations, such as those involved in biotechnology, pharmaceutical development, biomedical research, and medical device manufacturing invest their efforts in research, development, and commercialization of product. Life sciences organizations are mostly driven by the need to innovate, yet they are challenged to do so as the regulatory environment becomes more complex. The need to reduce costs in the product lifecycle and bring products to market more efficiently is acute.

The life sciences industry is notable for its long, complex product lifecycles which typically encompass multiple stages, including discovery/research, clinical operations/evaluation, regulatory compliance, scale-up/manufacturing and sales. Some products may take many years to bring to market, so it’s no surprise that a primary goal of these organizations is to accelerate the product lifecycle. If patents are involved, time-to-market becomes even more critical. To gain a competitive advantage, finely tuned collaboration, both within the organization and with external parties – such as research partners and regulatory agencies – can help condense lifecycle stages, ensure quality and mitigate risks.

In any of the life sciences disciplines, high-performance computing power is essential for accessing, analyzing, and managing large volumes of data, as well as for visualizing and manipulating 3D models. The data- and graphics- intensive nature of computing in the life sciences industry requires modern IT infrastructure to meet organization goals.


Physical desktops and workstations present challenges for IT teams because they limit the real-time collaboration needed to hasten time-to-market. To improve efficiency, users need instant and secure access to apps and data, from any location, on any device. As a result, some organizations have tried traditional, on-premises VDI only to be caught by surprise at the complexity and ever-rising OpEx that goes with it. Collectively, these solutions present serious challenges for IT teams:

  • Physical workstations prohibit collaboration, are expensive, and limit the ability to work from anywhere
  • Inability to accommodate partners and contractors with granular, “as- needed” access to apps and data
  • Intellectual property can be at risk while residing in on-premises infrastructure
  • Responding to rapid growth and mergers and acquisitions is difficult
  • Expensive hardware refresh cycles are required to get the speed and performance required to access new technology


The cloud era brings new opportunities to Life Sciences organizations. Deploying PCs and GPU workstations on Azure and Google Cloud allows for enhanced collaboration, streamlined workflows, and superior app performance, all of which can shrink the duration of product lifecycle stages and speed time-to-market. The results can be profound, including faster drug innovation, enhanced clinical trial outcomes, and access to new markets. More effective data analysis can help identify unmet medical needs, defend pricing and improve margins.

Workspot’s Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform enables this operational efficiency, as well as improved productivity, security, and agility. Unlike outdated, do-it-yourself VDI solutions which take months to deploy and do not meet the needs of geographically dispersed users, Workspot deploys high-performance CPU and GPU workstations from any public cloud region in days – not months. The performance of graphics-intensive applications will astonish your power users, and when all your users can globally collaborate and access their desktops, apps and workstations from anywhere, using any device, everyone will be delighted with the productivity benefits.

Virtual desktops and high-performance workstations in the cloud enable real-time collaboration and anywhere productivity, using any device

Key Benefits

  • Secure access to workstations, desktops and applications from any location, on any device
  • Real-time collaboration on large, shared CAD and PLM files across multiple locations
  • Enable restricted access to accommodate partners, contractors and suppliers
  • Full data integrity and security as confidential data remains secure in your cloud tenant
  • Instantly provision desktops for new users and easily integrate external users during expansions and acquisitions
  • Get instant access to additional GPU and CPU power as needed
  • Simplify and consolidate IT infrastructure and make better use of constrained budgets


The only multi-tenant, cloud-native solution in the market, Workspot’s state- of-the-art technology is just the beginning. Customer success is our top priority, and we offer the following to all our customers:

Free deployment services: Workspot’s dedicated customer success team partners with your IT team to take you live – fast.
Flat rate subscription pricing: You get a single bill from Workspot with flat rate, predictable costs that include Azure compute for your DR virtual desktops.
Absolute commitment to your success: Our customer success team members are seasoned industry experts who are well-prepared to meet the unique needs of your implementation.


The only multi-tenant, scalable, secure, cloud-native solution in the market, Workspot significantly simplifies deployment, eliminates management complexity, increases IT efficiency and drastically reduces the TCO of traditional VDI deployments. Workspot Desktop Cloud, App Cloud and Workstation Cloud provide a turnkey service for deploying virtual desktops, apps and high-performance workstations on Microsoft Azure. Now organizations in the Life Sciences industry can support a mobile and external workforce, enable global collaboration in real-time, and delight users with unmatched performance. With the ability to provision thousands of desktops in a day on Azure, on-premises, or both and manage them from a single pane of glass, Workspot delivers unprecedented value.

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