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Real-time Collaboration and Anywhere Productivity for AEC Firms

Workspot Cloud Workstations on Deliver GPU Performance to Any Device


Competition in the AEC industry is fierce, and companies need to innovate with new technology to stay on top. Solutions that enable employees to work from anywhere, while enhancing productivity, reducing project lead times, and protecting sensitive design information are top of mind. Project teams of power-users include engineering CAD groups and BIM teams, and until now, their productivity has been stymied by laborious collaboration and an inability to be productive outside the office. Inefficient collaboration and data synchronization can have an adverse effect on productivity, data integrity, expense and revenue. Multiple uploads, downloads and synchronization of large graphics-intensive datasets can cause project delays, data corruption and additional network costs. Workspot cloud workstations on Microsoft Azure address these challenges while also providing superior performance to even the most demanding power users.


3D CAD/CAM.CAE and complex BIM applications require high-performance computing power to process graphics-intensive workloads, and project teams need to collaborate on shared 3D model datasets. AEC organizations either provide users with physical workstations or virtual desktops using traditional, on-premises VDI. However, each approach presents some major challenges:

    • Inefficient collaboration between users in multiple locations
    • Traditional VDI complexity prevents instant scalability, and untenable latency for remote users results in poor user experience and productivity
    • Engaging the best talent may require setting up costly branch offices
    • Data integrity and intellectual property can be at risk
    • Expensive hardware refresh cycles are required to access new technology
    • Resource-intensive management & maintenance of physical workstations

Project teams cannot afford to waste time waiting for a never-ending series of file and data uploads and downloads – which can often take hours – as they share large, graphics-intensive datasets. The cost of project delays is just too high. Keeping BIM users productive is critical for the success of all AEC firms. Every hour a team of BIM users waits for data to finish synchronizing can result in hundreds and thousands of dollars of wasted productivity. Engineers must have the ability to visit a project site, securely access applications and data, and collaborate in real-time with architects, BIM managers, and partners. And when inspiration strikes in the middle of the night, designers need to be productive from home on any device. Firms that seek a competitive advantage will need the finest available talent, no matter where people reside, without having to duplicate IT infrastructure in remote branch offices. Similarly, an agile organization will be able to securely and efficiently scale workstation resources to immediately onboard new employees and also accommodate contractors for temporary projects.


Workspot cloud workstations support the productivity, security and agility requirements of AEC firms. Unlike outdated, legacy VDI solutions which take months to deploy and do not meet the needs of AEC power users, Workspot deploys high-performance GPU workstations in the cloud in minutes – not months. Because Workspot can place the workstation in the cloud region closest the user, latency is typically less than 25 ms, resulting in exceptional performance. The performance of graphics-intensive applications such as Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Navisworks and Adobe Premiere will astonish your power users, and when they can access their workstations from anywhere, using any device, and collaborate in real-time, everyone will be pleased with the productivity benefits.

Key Benefits

        • >Anywhere productivity, on any device
        • >Data and applications stay secure in your cloud tenant
        • >Real-time collaboration on large, shared datasets and 3D models
        • >Engage the best talent in the world, wherever they are
        • >Instantly provision workstations; dynamically scale resources
        • >Burst to the cloud for additional GPU and CPU power as needed
        • >Take advantage of the latest high- performance NVIDIA and AMD GPUs
        • >Reduce cost and complexity of opening new office locations


The only multi-tenant, cloud-native solution in the market, Workspot’s state- of-the-art technology is just the beginning. Customer success is our top priority, and we offer the following to all our customers: Included deployment services: Workspot’s dedicated customer success team partners with your IT team to take you live – fast.

Flat rate subscription pricing: You get a single bill from Workspot with flat rate, predictable costs that include cloud compute for your virtual desktops.

Absolute commitment to your success: Our customer success team members are seasoned industry experts who are well-prepared to meet the unique needs of your implementation.


The only 200% cloud-native SaaS platform for delivering desktop as a service (DaaS), Workspot significantly simplifies deployment, eliminates management complexity, increases IT efficiency and drastically reduces the TCO of traditional VDI deployments. Workspot cloud workstations provide a turnkey service for deploying GPU-accelerated virtual CAD workstations for design engineers and BIM users. It enables seamless scalability to significantly increase productivity, reduce time-to-market while drastically lowering TCO. Now AEC firms can provide an efficient, collaborative working environment in which project teams can work on shared 3D models in real-time, while enabling mobile users to securely access data and applications from any location, using any device, with the ultimate performance and user experience. With the ability to provision thousands of desktops in a day in the cloud, on-premises, or both and manage them from a single pane of glass, Workspot delivers unprecedented value.

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