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The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ is a 100% cloud-native SaaS platform that makes it possible for IT to deliver virtual desktops via public cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Workspot offers many different configurations, depending on your use case, including desktops, GPU-accelerated cloud workstations and virtual applications.

Power users who require top performance from the CAD and other graphics-intensive applications they use have been left behind when it comes to the flexibility for remote working. Often it’s desirable to send these valuable experts to a job site to consult with a client, or perhaps a personal obligation requires working from home or from a hotel. Traditional VDI and VPNs cannot support these use cases with adequate performance. Collaboration across product development teams is also a challenge. When people cannot collaborate in real-time across a common data set, productivity slows. Now, with Workspot, all this has changed.

Download this Solution Brief to learn how Workspot can:

– provide your designers and engineers with work from anywhere flexibility
– provide performance that is equivalent to liquid cooled desktop workstations
– simplify the provisioning and maintenance of physical PCs
– improve security for proprietary data

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