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Customer success is everything! Our award-winning, 100% cloud-native SaaS cloud desktop platform is an industry-first, and that marks a massive shift in the way virtual desktops are deployed and managed. Global Law Firm However, the virtual desktop business model had to change too. That’s where the Workspot Customer Success Team comes in. Second to none, our world-class team embeds with your IT team to ensure your success. Unlike other virtual desktop vendors that deliver software and leave it to you to install, configure and operate it, we partner with you on your cloud journey for the long-term to help you achieve your business goals. In this executive brief we present the elements of our Customer Success Program that set Workspot apart in an industry that has been notorious for broken promises:

  1. Included Go-Live Deployment Services that ensure your success and deliver fast time-to-value
  2. Industry experts who guide your ongoing cloud journey and end user computing transformation
  3. Agile development to address customer- generated feature requests, driving ongoing product innovation
  4. Highly-responsive support personnel whose top priority is your business uptime

These are the cornerstones of our commitment to our customers. Let’s take a deeper dive into what this looks like in practice and what you should expect. Bottom line? It’s all about you.


Our objective is for you to realize the value of your purchase as soon as possible, while also preparing your team to manage the solution and scale it as needed. Included with your Workspot subscription is up to 90 days of Go- Live Deployment Services. These services, conducted by seasoned industry experts, deliver the fastest time-to-value in the industry and ensure your overall deployment success. We work alongside your team to take cloud desktops live for your first set of users. This initial deployment can take as little as a day, and it usually involves a subset of users whose user acceptance testing and overall satisfaction will prove the value of your Workspot investment. Custom Deployment Services are also available that go beyond the scope of the initial Go-Live Deployment Services.

There are eight elements of our Go-Live Deployment Services:

  1. Dedicated Workspot Champions

    A Customer Success Project Manager and a Customer Success Architect are assigned to your project. Together with your designated team members they identify desired business outcomes, establish project milestones and guide your cloud desktop implementation to success.

  2. Project Kickoff

    The implementation team defines the requirements for your first use case, and a timeline for the 90-day Go-Live Services phase is developed in keeping with your implementation success criteria.

  3. Customer Onboarding

    The onboarding process includes creating your account on the Enterprise Desktop Cloud Platform and a series of training sessions on Workspot Control, the web-based admin console used by your IT team to manage your implementation globally. Training sessions are recorded and accessible to you at any time.

  4. Deployment Configuration

    We work side by side with your team to configure your cloud desktop environment and establish connectivity between the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud service and your production IT environment.

  5. Template Validation

    Your Customer Success Architect helps you decide if you’ll use an existing corporate image or build a cloud-optimized marketplace image. 6. Implement Multi-factor Authentication We understand that securing your environment is everything, so we work with you to implement and validate your strong authentication methods.

  6. End-User Testing

    User satisfaction is the ultimate test of success, so user acceptance testing (UAT) is an important part of the deployment process. During UAT, our customer success team helps you optimize the environment until your end users are completely happy with performance.

  7. Documentation & Training

    Platform documentation is available to help your IT team take over the production environment. We also recommend a two-day training course that is included with your Workspot subscription.

While deployment of your first use case can often be completed in as little as a day, it’s more typical that it takes anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks depending on the availability of your IT team to work with us on prerequisites, the timing of UAT, and how quickly your IT team can be available for training. If you require custom training services, your Customer Success Project Manager will work with you to develop a curriculum and a schedule that works for your team.


Organizations that become Workspot customers come to us at various points in their digital transformations. Many have cloud-first mandates driving technology decisions. Some have decided to move away from the resource-intensive management of on-premises virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and others have realized the inherent rigidity and security risks that come with physical desktops, workstations and laptops. Some of these companies already have extensive experience using cloud resources, while others embark on their first cloud journey by moving desktop workloads to the cloud with Workspot. Using our 8-step implementation process, each is able to realize fast time-to-value from their Workspot investment, no matter where they are starting in their journey.

What these organizations also have in common is that they’ve likely experienced a succession of technology vendors who are all too happy to take the order, drop off a 78-page ‘how to” manual and move on to the next deal.

Workspot is different. While our Customer Success Team ensures that your cloud desktop deployment delivers value from day one, our work doesn’t end there. Your cloud journey evolves over time, and as your trusted partner, we help you adapt to change and address new end user computing requirements as they arise. The depth of our engagement with customers is manifested in the ongoing consultation that becomes a natural part of our relationship. With Workspot, you access to the foremost experts in cloud desktop deployment and management. Regular and ongoing check-in meetings led by your Customer Success Project Manager is the channel for discussing the state of your Workspot implementation and exploring new use cases. This process contributes valuable feedback and input to our continuous learning cycle, and as our knowledge of your business goals deepens and your familiarity with the platform grows, our collaboration often generates ideas for new features that will help you arrive at your business goals faster.


The hallmarks of Agile software development include evolutionary development, in which new features are released on a regular basis – every few weeks as opposed to archaic methods of monolithic product updates that take place once or twice per year. Workspot adheres to agile development practices, releasing updates and new features every 6-8 weeks. These regular updates and platform feature enhancements are available for the benefit of all our customers. What’s unique about our development cycle is the significant value our customers add to the platform. Because we invented the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric™ architecture and we operate the Enterprise Desktop Cloud Platform for our customers, no one stands between our customers and product innovation. We view customer input as a vital element of our product evolution, with our Customer Success Team acting as the primary advocate for channeling customer ideas and requirements to the Product Development Team.

Many vendors talk about the importance of customer success, but there are few that truly live it. Every phase of product development at Workspot revolves around our customers. Customer-generated feature requests, integration work with your existing enterprise tools and processes, and proactive monitoring of your implementation are all important learning experiences that enable Customer Success to offer ongoing optimizations in keeping with your business goals. Additionally, the output of our learning cycle is often incorporated into the platform as product enhancements. This process is a significant departure from how other virtual desktop vendors operate and is distinct from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who run someone else’s solution and therefore lack control over the product development road map.


Every member of the Workspot team is proud to play a role in our customers’ cloud journeys. During each phase of your engagement with us, whether that’s the presales phase, adoption and go-live phase, or the post-sales phase, there are Workspot champions whose expertise is focused on that phase, ready to lend their knowledge and support. However, any Workspot team member is always happy to help you find the answers you need.

Once your cloud desktops and workstations are live in your organization, our Customer Support Team steps in as an additional resource. They’ll introduce our ongoing support plans and processes, they’ll answer questions, help you manage updates and ensure you are taking advantage of new features on an ongoing basis. Our Standard Support Plan is included with your subscription to Workspot Cloud Services.

Premium Support is also available to address your unique requirements. Whichever plan you select, our support philosophy doesn’t vary. We’re committed to your success and that includes helping you navigate issues that can impact your business uptime. Even if the problem you’re facing is outside the scope of the Workspot platform – whether it’s with your cloud provider, Windows image or MFA for example – our experts know how to help you ask the right questions of the vendors involved, tap into the right resources, and get to resolution as quickly as possible. We enjoy close relationships with the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud teams, so we can often help you navigate these large organizations to get to resolution quickly. Bolstering the capabilities of Customer Support is our innovative Network Operations Center, a big data platform that monitors Enterprise Desktop Cloud Platform operations 24×7, providing real-time visibility into every user’s experience, for every customer, in every cloud region around the world. Our NOC team is able to reach out to you proactively if we notice multiple users having a problem or if we suspect an infrastructure failure could affect your business uptime.


Workspot surpasses the technology and customer success capabilities of competitive solutions. To learn more about the possibilities, schedule a demo for a deep dive into how we can transform end user computing in your organization.

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