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Delivering Virtualized Applications with Workspot

Deploy Windows Apps on Public Clouds in Days


The Cloud is Key to Application Virtualization Benefits

Until recently, organizations that wanted to deliver server hosted applications had few options. They were limited to on-premises, legacy solutions that required specialized knowledge and months to deploy, were time-consuming and costly to maintain and difficult to scale. For customers to realize the promised benefits of application virtualization, a dramatically simpler solution is needed.

In response, Workspot has completely reinvented application virtualization. Now you can deploy virtual apps on Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud in as little as days – not months – with no expensive consultants or CapEx required. Our 100% cloud-native SaaS platform delivers virualized applications – as well as desktops and workstations – with high availability, easy scalability and drastically reduced OpEx when compared to on-premises solutions.

What’s Wrong with Application Virtualization Today?

Legacy app virtualization architectures were created for a static environment and included many discrete components. They were designed 20 years ago, and today IT teams are still spending inordinate amounts of time dealing with the complexity of installing, managing, and patching servers. These solutions have serious drawbacks for customers, including:

  • Months-long design and deployment projects
  • High CapEx and ever rising, unpredictable OpEx
  • Lack of scalability and complex, expensive high availability
  • Hybrid approach requires fragmented products
  • Remote users suffer from performance problems

With all these challenges, it’s no wonder customers are demanding a better way. In response, some service providers host these legacy solutions in the cloud. However, organizations must consider this approach carefully, because the single tenant architecture of these solutions means that in practice, providers must manage, patch, upgrade and troubleshoot each customer individually. As a result, there is a high cost associated with managing all this complexity—and providers pass that cost along to customers.

Other providers offer virtual apps in one or more public clouds, but they rely heavily on a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, requiring the customer to have inhouse expertise to deploy and manage the apps themselves. These solutions suffer from the inherent complexity of their legacy roots, and they do not serve customers well.

The Better Way to do App Virtualization: Workspot!

Workspot was built from the ground up as a 100% cloud-native SaaS platform to deliver cloud desktops and virtual apps. When it comes to simplicity, scalability, and affordability, a cloud-native architecture is essential. With Workspot, you can have thousands of users accessing their virtual Windows 10 applications quickly and always with great performance.

Turnkey service simplifies deployment, rollout and ongoing management: The Workspot platform is the industry’s only enterprise-ready service for provisioning virtual Windows applications from public cloud infrastructure like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Workspot completely eliminates the complexity of other solutions. Your first set of initial users are typically live in a matter of days. If you’ve been involved in app virtualization implementations in the past, you know what an amazing achievement that is! And once you are up and running, Workspot takes care of day to day operations, including scalability, availability, upgrades, and support.

Built exclusively for deployment on public clouds: Workspot platform is tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Using a single pane of glass, IT can deploy, manage, and monitor virtual desktops, applications, and workstations in any of the dozens of Azure and Google Cloud regions worldwide. Our solution also supports hybrid deployments, in case you need to keep some apps and desktops on-premises.

Insanely simple, yet enterprise-class: We have designed our solution to be simple. But make no mistake – it is enterprise-ready. The applications delivered from the Workspot platform will use your corporate Windows 10 images, connect to your corporate Active Directory, inherit all the GPOs you have already setup, and use all the networking, MFA and security tools you have in place. For your applications, networking, and security teams, the virtual applications running in Azure or Google Cloud will behave exactly like virtual applications running in your own data center.

Workspot Customer Success Program: The success of our customers is our highest priority. In addition to our technology innovations, we have completely changed the way customers procure, deploy and manage virtual desktops. Included in our flat-rate pricing is are Go-Live services to get you up and running, and ongoing training and support to keep your system tuned and IT staff trained.

Deployment services: Our goal is for you to realize the value of your purchase fast, while also preparing your IT team to manage and scale the solution as needed. Initial deployment can take as little as a day, and it usually involves a subset of users that will ultimately use cloud desktops. Our Customer Success Team will kick off your project by partnering with your IT team to define the scope of the project, use case(s), project timeline and success criteria. For more details, including how you can take advantage of our Go-Live Services Program, visit our Customer Success web page.

Flat rate subscription pricing: Our philosophy is to eliminate complexity for our customers. To that end, we provide flat rate, predictable subscription pricing that includes Go-Live Services, solution updates, new features, and standard support. With Workspot you get a single bill that includes the cost of Azure and GCP to run your virtual applications and desktops, freeing you from worrying about variable public cloud costs. Now there’s no need to waste time parsing complex cloud provider billing statements, only to discover an unpleasant OpEx surprise! Workspot has you covered.


The only 100% cloud-native SaaS platform in the market that’s ready for the enterprise, Workspot significantly simplifies deployment, eliminates management complexity, increases IT efficiency and drastically reduces the TCO of traditional application virtualization deployments. The Workspot platform is a turnkey service that offers the fastest path to delivering Windows applications on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Now organizations of all sizes can provide secure access to virtual apps and desktops from any location with the ultimate performance and user experience. With the ability to provision applications and desktops in a day on Azure, Google Cloud, on-prem, or all and manage them from a single pane of glass, Workspot delivers unprecedented value.

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