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With Workspot, world-class technology innovation meets a modern business model. Workspot’s award-winning, industry first, 100% cloud-native Cloud PC platform marks a massive shift in the way virtual desktops are deployed and managed, forever transforming end user computing.

In our second Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey conducted in November 2023, Workspot’s Cloud PC NPS rose from an off-the-charts score of 76 to a new score of 80! In comparison, that gives us a higher NPS than well-loved companies such as Southwest Airlines(58), Zoom(51), and Google(48).

“We work with Workspot because they care about us”
Global Law Firm

Customer success is everything! Many vendors talk about the importance of customer success, but there are few that truly live it. Second to none, Workspot’s world-class Cloud PC Center of Excellence (COE) is characterized by three important cornerstones, People, Processes, and Tools. Unlike other virtual desktop vendors that deliver software solutions you must design, install, configure, test, validate, deploy, and manage, all on your own, we partner with you throughout your cloud journey.

Additionally, every phase of product development at Workspot revolves around our customers. Customer-generated feature requests, integration work with your existing enterprise tools and processes, and proactive monitoring of your implementation are all important learning experiences that enable our Customer Success Team to offer ongoing optimizations in keeping with your business goals. The output of this continuous learning cycle is often incorporated into the platform as product enhancements. This process is a significant departure from how other virtual desktop vendors operate and is distinct from Managed Service Providers (MSPs) who run someone else’s solution and therefore lack control over the product development road map.

Let’s take a deeper dive into the three cornerstones that comprise the Workspot COE and examine what they look like in practice.

“We rely on Workspot for just in time model cloud PCs for our immediate business requirements. The customer support model is fantastic.”
Global Engineering and Management Firm

“I can honestly say in almost 25 years of working in this industry I have never worked with a more professional and customer-focused company than Workspot.“
Civil Engineering Firm


Within Workspot’s Cloud PC Center of Excellence is our team of industry experts who have deep experience with both VDI and Cloud. Their mission is to provide our customers with best practices and ensure their success as they embark on their journey to Cloud PCs. The Workspot Customer Success Team embeds within your IT team as your trusted advisors, ensuring your success by utilizing proprietary tools and resources to proactively manage and monitor your Cloud PC environment. They collaborate with your technology team to identify Cloud PC performance and connectivity issues, analyze the root cause, and interface with key third parties on your behalf, such as IaaS vendors, Intel, AMD, and Nvidia as needed to get to a quick resolution. Acting as an extension of our customers’ technology teams, the Workspot Customer Success Team uses sophisticated monitoring tools to identify and analyze Cloud PC behavior patterns and anticipate system issues across customers globally, often being able to troubleshoot a problem before customers are even aware that it could affect Cloud PC availability.

Your cloud journey will evolve over time, and as your trusted advisors, we help you adapt to change and address new end user computing requirements as they arise. Bottom line, it’s all about you!


Leading the enterprise Cloud PC space over the past five years, Workspot has developed processes and methodologies that have been proven over and over to deliver the fastest time-to-value in the industry and ensure your long-term implementation success.

It is through our ADIME Methodology that our champions, whose expertise in each area of Analysis, Design, Implementation, Management, and Evolution, engage to assist our customers as they implement their end user computing modernization strategy. Dedicated to your success, this process helps you navigate issues that can impact your business uptime. Workspot’s Onboarding Services includes a series of training sessions covering Workspot Control, the web-based admin console used by your IT team to manage your Cloud PC implementation globally. All training sessions are recorded and accessible to you at any time, for reference as needed.

Once your Cloud PCs and workstations are live, our Customer Support Team steps in as an ongoing support resource. Our Standard Support Plan is included with your subscription to Workspot cloud services. Premium Support is also available to address your unique requirements. Whichever plan you select, our support philosophy doesn’t vary. We’re committed to your success and that includes helping you navigate issues that can impact your business uptime. Even if the problem you’re facing is outside the scope of the Workspot platform – whether it’s with your cloud provider, Windows image or MFA for example, our experts know how to help you ask the right questions of the vendors involved, tap into the right resources, and get to resolution as quickly as possible. We enjoy close relationships with the Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud teams, so we can often help you navigate these large organizations to get to resolution quickly.

The depth of our engagement with customers is manifested in the ongoing consultation during regular and ongoing Customer Success Update Meetings focused on discussing the state of your Workspot implementation and exploring new use cases. We help you manage updates and ensure you are taking advantage of new features as they become available.

As a key strategic engagement with customers, our Executive Business Review (EBR) is a meeting with stakeholders from both Workspot and our customer to provide high-level alignment on progress & success, as well as objectives and strategies for the future. It is an extension of the account planning process and part of our regular business rhythm. The EBR demonstrates to our customers the value they are getting in their partnership with Workspot. It is an interactive discussion of the customer’s desired business outcomes and related metrics, progress against these metrics and desired outcomes, and aligning on strategic next steps. The most crucial element in the EBR is the opportunity for the Workspot team to hear first-hand from our customer’s stakeholders what matters to them most.

The measure of Workspot’s COE output includes our Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey process. We’ve seen customers struggle for too long with oldschool VDI and even with more modern cloud-hosted solutions. This is one of the reasons that customer satisfaction is so deeply embedded in our company culture, and why we’re in the business of ending VDI and physical PC management complexity. The successful implementation and ongoing delivery of your unified end-user computing environment is our shared success and is reflected in the stellar score our customers have given us.

“Workspot has been wonderful to work with. Fast support response, regular check ins, and they are on board in helping us create new ways for us to do business.”
Design/Build Firm

“The support by the Workspot technical teams is top notch. Always responsive with a useful answer. Always ready to jump in and help. Never once did I feel like my questions were beneath them. Always happy to jump in and work together to resolve issues.“
Construction Firm


We are the only company that has built, deployed and operated a Cloud PC solution for enterprise customers for the last 5+ years. As a result, we have developed a deep understanding of the challenges of deploying and operating a reliable service. These learnings translate to continuous product innovation. Workspot adheres to agile development practices, releasing updates and new features every 6-8 weeks. These regular updates and platform feature enhancements are available for the benefit of all our customers. What’s unique about our development cycle is the significant value our customers add to the platform. Because we invented the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric architecture and we operate the Enterprise Desktop Cloud Platform for our customers, no one stands between our customers and the Cloud PC Center of Excellence

IT teams use Workspot Control to provision and manage their global cloud desktop deployment across multiple public clouds and cloud regions. Built for massive scalability, it’s easy to add new cloud desktops in multiple cloud regions in minutes, then monitor and analyze activity data globally – all from one administration console. The control plane has two major functions:

• Set up, provision, and manage all virtual resources

• Establish secure communication with end user devices for pushing corporate policies

“The Workspot technology is great! Aside from that, the best part was working with the Workspot team on our deployment.”

Data Management Services Provider

We view customer input as a vital element of our product evolution, with our Customer Success Team acting as the primary advocate for channeling customer ideas and requirements to the Product Development Team.

With Security top of mind in a world of end user computing complexity and mounting security risks, the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric architecture is a massive innovation that fundamentally changes the way desktops are deployed, secured, and managed in organizations of all sizes. Designed to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements, the Desktop Control Fabric has significant advantages for security and compliance over other virtual desktop solutions. Workspot delivers a solution designed around the Principle of Least Privilege (POLP) and Separation of Concerns, both critically important design principles, resulting in delivery of a secured Cloud PC solution.

Workspot Watch enables the Network Operations Center (NOC) to analyze data collected by this sophisticated, big data trending and correlation engine to identify patterns that could impact Cloud PC availability. Millions of data points are collected from endpoint devices, Cloud PC agents, protocol gateways, enterprise connectors, and other Workspot Control Plane services, from multiple clouds and hundreds of regions around the globe. Workspot’s Distributed Tracing tool was designed to facilitate root cause analysis, bringing together log files and updated information across subsystems for all users into a single, chronologically ordered stream. Using a global view of all users across all our customers, our Operations Team has exclusive insight into individual errors that may occur; they are able to perform Blast Radius Analysis to determine if a problem at one customer might potentially affect other customers.

Finally, the Workspot Community site is a single location where our valued customers can participate to access all the resources Workspot has to offer. You can check your cloud status, raise a ticket, find a KnowledgeBase Article, or read some of the latest releases from the Workspot team and customers.

Be sure toleverage the combined knowledge of the community by posting questions or new ideas. The Workspot community is your one stop shop for all things Workspot.

The bottom line…Workspot surpasses the technology and customer success capabilities of competitive solutions. It is the delivered outcomes of the Cloud PC Center of Excellence that sets Workspot apart in an industry that has been notorious for broken promises.

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Workspot is the only cloud-native solution that delivers enterprise-class Cloud PCs. This innovative service lets IT securely stream the right compute capabilities for each user, on any device, anywhere they want to work. As the only Cloud PC solution that operates across all the major public clouds – Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud – Workspot is uniquely positioned to address today’s remote work challenges by providing a multi-cloud and multi-region approach to end user computing. Simple to deploy, scale, and operate, Workspot’s award winning Cloud PC solution benefits IT as well as end users with a seamless work experience that enhances productivity while maintaining the highest performance standards for intensive workloads. For more information on Workspot Cloud PC solutions please visit www.workspot.com.

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