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Inspire Student Learning Through Cloud Computing

Workspot Delivers Virtual Desktops, Apps and GPU Workstations to Any Device


Education institutions are committed to providing a valuable learning experience for students, and modern IT solutions are the foundation for delivering that value. The demands placed on students and staff are significant – and stressful. The last thing they need to worry about is whether or not they can access the applications and data they need to complete a project. These technology natives have specific expectations for how technology should perform and the value it should add, and when it falls short, they are deeply dissatisfied. The ability to support secure, 24/7 access to learning resources, from any location and using either university- provided or any BYO device is fundamental for education institutions at the top of their game.


Physical desktops and workstations present significant challenges for IT teams. The CapEx and OpEx required to sustain them is unacceptably high, and they don’t effectively serve students and staff. As a result, many educational institutions have tried traditional, on-premises VDI only to be caught by surprise at the complexity and ever-rising OpEx that goes with it. Collectively, these solutions present serious challenges for these IT teams:

  • Virtual desktop and application implementations can take 6-9 months and require expensive IT specialists
  • Access to GPU-intensive apps is limited to physical workstations in labs which inhibits creativity and access
  • Legacy VDI solutions have multiple management consoles to manage different applications and workloads
  • High CapEx, rising OpEx and overall high TCO are at odds with increasingly constrained budgets
  • Difficult and limited scalability to dynamically accommodate peaks in demand
  • Constant hardware upgrades and refresh cycles are time-consuming and expensive


Cloud computing is a paradigm shift for IT. Done right, it can simplify solution architectures and deliver value at a fraction of the cost and time of legacy VDI solutions.

Workspot cloud desktops, workstations, and virtual application on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud enable IT to deploy a modern, multi-cloud solution that is cost-effective, secure, highly available, as well as easy to deploy, manage and scale. Workspot provides students and staff with seamless and secure access to virtual desktops, high-performance GPU-enabled workstations, apps and data from a centralized location in the cloud, using any device. Unlike outdated, legacy VDI solutions which take months to deploy and deliver poor performance, Workspot is the only available solution to deploy in just a few days – and your virtual desktops, apps and workstations are all managed from a single pane of glass.

Key Benefits

  • Deploy in days – no expensive consultants needed
  • Access GPU-enabled virtual workstations from anywhere, using any device, 24/7
  • Single pane of glass to manage virtual apps and persistent/non-persistent desktops
  • Reallocate IT resources and reduce TCO
  • Apps and data remain secure in your cloud tenant
  • Instantly provision desktops and apps to accommodate peak demand via the infinitely scalable cloud

    Workspot’s state- of-the-art technology is just the beginning. Customer success is our top priority, and we offer the following to all our customers:

    Free deployment services: Workspot’s dedicated customer success team partners with your IT team to optimize Workspot’s platform for your applications, security tools and use case, and take you live – fast.

    Flat rate subscription pricing: You get a single bill from Workspot with flat rate, predictable costs that include cloud compute for your virtual desktops as well as support and product upgrades.

    Absolute commitment to your success: Our customer success team members are seasoned industry experts who are well-prepared to meet the unique needs of your implementation.


    The only 100% cloud-natve SaaS platform to deliver cloud desktop as a service, Workspot simplifies deployment, eliminates management complexity, increases IT efficiency and drastically reduces the TCO of physical desktops and traditional VDI deployments. Workspot cloud desktops, workstations and virtual applications on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud enable educational institutions to quickly and painlessly modernize their IT infrastructure with a flexible, scalable, cost-effective solution that delivers value on day one. Students, faculty and staff can securely access Windows 10 desktops, Windows apps and high- performance GPU workstations 24/7, from their device of choice, to support and empower learning and critical research from anywhere.

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