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This at-a-glance overview of the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform describes the unique advantages of delivering cloud desktops, apps and workstations as-a-service to end users around the globe. Cloud desktops are placed in the Google Cloud region nearest every user, resulting in low-latency that drives stunning performance end users will love!



Modernize IT with secure, 100% cloud-native SaaS cloud desktops.

You need an end user computing solution that brings maximum flexibility to the business so you can be ready for anything. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform delivers cloud desktops, workstations and apps from Google Cloud Platform to any device, anywhere. Deploy in days, add users in minutes!

Simple, Yet Enterprise-Class

  • Eliminate VDI & physical desktop complexity
  • Customize everything
  • Manage globally from a single console
  • Utilize Workspot APIs for workflow automation

Flawless Performance Users Love

  • Place cloud desktops in the Google Cloud region closest to each user
  • Work from anywhere with a low-latency experience
  • Address high-performance computing use cases

Zero Trust Security Architecture

  • Innovative control & data plane separation
  • Incorporate all your security measures, including MFA
  • Keep data off endpoints & safe in the cloud
  • Strengthen IP protection

Highest Reliability & Robust BC Features

  • Industry-leading 99.95% cloud desktop uptime
  • Network Operations Center 24×7 real-time monitoring
  • Big data analysis reveals potential problems & speeds time-to-recovery

Purpose-built for the hyperscale public cloud, Workspot is always on, highly available, and instantly scalable.

Unprecedented Business Agility

  • Add cloud desktops across Google Cloud regions in minutes Hire the best people regardless of geography
  • Reduce the need for branch offices while pursuing new opportunities globally
  • Activate multi-region business continuity/disaster recovery features during a disruption to keep your business up and running

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

  • Eliminate end user computing infrastructure complexity
  • Free level 2/3 IT personnel to focus on strategic projects
  • Reduce the frequency & cost of hardware refreshes
  • Lower IT support burden with always up-to-date cloud desktops
  • Maximize business uptime via 99.95% cloud desktop reliability
  • Take advantage of flat-rate pricing options that include cloud compute for optimal budget predictability

Improved Collaboration & Productivity

  • Mitigate latency for outstanding application performance
  • Work together in real-time across project teams globally
  • Securely access and collaborate within a common data environment Simplify joint-venture IT processes to accelerate product delivery

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