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This at-a-glance overview of The Workspot Enterprise VDI Platform describes the unique advantages of delivering virtual desktops, apps and workstations as-a-service to end users around the globe across Google Cloud regions as well as on-premises datacenters. This innovative solution  meets complex enterprise requirements for every use case, while simplifying IT operations and delivering stunning performance end users will love!


The Enterprise VDI Platform

Workspot completely reinvented VDI with its modern, cloud-native architecture, enabling deployment and massive scalability across public clouds and on-premises infrastructure. Workspot delivers all the
capabilities enterprise customers expect, plus industry-first features that accelerate business growth.

Enable Greater Business Agility

• Multi-cloud and on-premises deployment
• Add virtual desktops anywhere in minutes
• Address even the most demanding use cases

Increase Productivity

• Net Promoter Score 80!
• Reduce helpdesk tickets
• Actionable performance insights keep end users happy and productive

Reduce Total Cost of VDI Ownership

• Go live in 45 days
• 10x simpler to operate
• Reallocate IT resources to more strategic projects

Achieve Industry-Leading Availability

• 99.99% availability with Global Desktop™
• 10x better than public cloud
• Readily solve for capacity issues

Intelligence Is Built-In

Look beyond VDI table stakes for innovation that will transform end user computing in your organization.
Workspot Watch™, Workspot Trends™ and Workspot Optimize™ deliver industry-first features:

• Big data analysis and real-time alerts accelerate problem resolution
• Performance trends and end user feedback combined helps IT replicate outstanding user experiences
• COGS alerts indicate actionable cost savings opportunities

Customer Success

“In the past years, our company has experienced a significant growth in our workforce via acquisitions. Through this collaboration, we are reducing time spent from acquisition to integration by 50% without
increasing the size of the IT department.

Hannes Gutmeier
Head of Group IT and CIO at SORAVIA

“We saw a 75% improvement in delivery time for providing external access to our environment. Having the ability to deploy virtual desktops as a service on-demand across multiple clouds is a massive innovation for our end user computing strategy.”

Steve Crawford
Manager of Global IT Infrastructure Strategy


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Engineered for simplicity, Workspot’s cloud-native VDI technology was designed to operate in the cloud while taking full advantage of the security, ease-of-management, flexibility, and economy benefits compared to traditional VDI technologies that were designed decades ago for on-premises computing.

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