Workspot is an insanely simple, turnkey service for delivering enterprise-class virtual desktops, apps, and workstations from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.  We deliver value to you on day one with our unmatched customer success business model, featuring flat-rate subscription pricing that includes Azure and Google Cloud compute costs and Go-Live Deployment Services.

Cloud Workstations for AEC

Workspot Workstation Cloud is a high-performance and scalable turnkey service for delivering GPU cloud workstations from Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Workstation Cloud supports graphics and compute intensive applications, such as AutoCAD, Revit, Navisworks, Civil 3D, SolidWorks, Bentley Microstation, ArcGIS and more. These highly secure virtual cloud workstations leverage the power of cloud GPUs, enabling customers to run high-performance workstations and GPU-intensive applications in multiple Azure regions around the world. Users can remotely access their work and collaborate with project team members in real-time from anywhere, using any device.

By using Workspot cloud workstations, CIOs can boost their firm’s competitive advantage through enhancing user productivity and security, achieving greater business agility, imagining and enabling differentiated use cases, and reducing IT and project costs.


“We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot”
Andy Knauf, CIO, Mead & Hunt


“Workspot AEC Success Model.”
Jimmy Chang – VP of Products

Benefits of Cloud Workstations for AEC

With Workspot cloud workstations, AEC customers have the ability to:

  • Enhance productivity
  • Fortify security
    • Data and apps are centralized in Azure for better protection
  • Achieve new levels of business agility
    • Rapidly provision cloud workstations across the globe
    • Dynamically scale up and down to meet project requirements
    • Hire talent worldwide without the need to set up branch offices
  • Activate new use cases
    • Easy, cross-partner collaboration for successful joint ventures
    • Process data from drones and AR/VR in real-time; instant visualization at the edge
  • Reduce costs
    • Get started with zero upfront CapEx, enjoy low TCO
    • Simplify IT infrastructure and ongoing management
  • Protect the firm with modern disaster recovery
    • Activate standby cloud workstations with one click
    • Failover to cloud workstations in an alternate cloud region


Solution Brief: Workspot for AEC

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