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Cloud Desktop Webinar Roundup: IT Experts, Thought Leaders Share Their Wisdom

Most IT teams are exploring the possibilities that come with cloud desktops and workstations. Are they right for your organization? Many of you have tried traditional, on-prem VDI when it was the only game in town, only to be limited by its complexity and ever-growing operational costs. Some of you might also be considering cloud-hosted desktops from the legacy VDI vendors to try to alleviate some of that complexity, reduce costs, or to gain agility that physical desktops and workstations can’t deliver.

For any of the approaches to cloud desktops you’re considering, IT leaders and solution architects must understand how solution architectures either enable or limit your ability to meet your end user computing requirements now and for the long term.

That’s why we started our Cloud Strategies webinar series. It’s a place you can come to hear from Workspot customers who’ve been down the virtual desktop evaluation road already – so you can benefit from their wisdom. Even if the webinar we’re hosting is not in your particular industry, there’s plenty of great insights from these IT leaders that will help you ask the right questions of virtual desktop vendors.

Our On the Spot! thought leadership webinar series features IT visionaries sharing their latest insights on cloud computing and digital transformation. It’s a place for IT experts and the cloud desktop community to gather, share, brainstorm, and learn.

Here’s our cloud desktop webinar roundup of some recent webinars I think you’ll enjoy.

Cloud Strategies Webinar Series

Join our live webinars to make sure you get all your hard questions answered! Host Brad Peterson always has a lively exchange with his guests. Don’t miss these learning opportunities:

Coming Up! Cloud Strategies Live Webinar

July 29th, 2021 10AM PDT

Register Now!  Sherwood Design Engineers Moved Their Civil Engineering to the Cloud

Director of Technology Chuck Smith and CAD Manager and Associate Jim Graul discuss how their firm moved beyond the limitations of traditional physical workstations and found success with GPU-accelerated cloud workstations.

Anytime! Cloud Strategies On-Demand Webinars

Here’s a rundown of recent webinars, now available on-demand, that include Workspot customers speaking about their evaluation, implementation, and ongoing management experiences:

Watch Now! Cloud Architects Reveal Their Secrets of Global Cloud Desktop Deployments

Why are large enterprises choosing the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform? Join us to hear about the Workspot cloud desktop difference: Simplicity, horizontal scalability; tougher security, innovative resilience.

Watch Now! How to Grow the Business 300% Without Adding Staff

Cloud workstations accelerated this environmental consulting firm’s growth plans in a way they never expected!

Watch Now! Remote Working Town Hall: CIOs Discuss What Surprised Them Most

Here’s a look back at how remote working affected power users, plus a few predictions about the future of end user computing.

Watch Now!  Ask the Architect: Why VDI Should Not Feel Like Climbing Mount Everest!

Industry expert and cloud architect Micheal Keen has conquered many legacy VDI implementations. He has also slayed Mount Everest – TWICE – so he knows how a virtual desktop implementation should not feel!

On the Spot! Webinar Series

On the Spot! features tech industry leaders and visionaries who are helping accelerate digital transformation. Join us for this thought leadership series.

Coming Up! On the Spot! Live Webinar

August 12, 2021 10AM Pacific

Register Now! On the Spot! with John McKinley, cloud strategy expert and former Fortune 500 CTO 

John goes On the Spot! with Workspot to shed light on today’s toughest IT challenges and provide guidance on how to solve them by moving to the cloud. Join us to discuss what’s NOT being talked about when it comes to cloud strategies, what the big cloud migration challenges are, the shift of virtual desktops to the cloud, and how to address the toughest challenge – IT security.

Anytime! On the Spot! On-Demand Webinars

Watch Now! On the Spot! with former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton, Episode 1

IT visionary Mark Templeton shares insights about utility end-user computing, why a solid cloud-first strategy is required to fully support work-from-anywhere (WFx), and his predictions about the role of cloud desktops for WFx.

Watch Now! On the Spot! with former Citrix CEO Mark Templeton, Episode 2

In this follow-on episode we dig deeper into the technologies and strategies that enable work from anywhere. What are the differences between DIY and SaaS approaches to virtual desktops? What are the top questions to ask DaaS providers to make sure they’re offering a true hyperscale DaaS solution?

There’s no better way to understand the differences between do-it-yourself virtual desktop solutions and SaaS cloud desktops. Tune in to these and more cloud desktop webinars to hear directly from Workspot customers and industry experts.

Ready to see how it works? Schedule a demo to see the Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform in action and discuss the possibilities SaaS cloud desktops brings to your organization.