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For Outstanding Performance, Modernize VDI with Cloud PCs

Latency lurks behind every “old-school” virtual desktop and causes major performance problems for end users. Some people have just learned to live with it, because the security benefits of VDI were deemed a priority over end user experience, and they really don’t have a choice. But when you consider the productivity loss incurred when people are forced to wait around to log in or for their app to respond, it has become obvious that the latency problem is having a significant, negative business impact. So, how do you fight the laws of physics so you can deliver great performance to your end users? Proximity to your virtual desktop is the key, of course! When we think about modernizing VDI, there are many reasons for doing it; one of them is solving the performance problems that have plagued end users for years.

Virtual Desktop Latency Considerations

When traditional VDI is deployed in a company’s datacenter – or even if you decide to use a Managed Service Provider (MSP) –  the people who are working close to the corporate or MSP data center might have adequate performance. However, anyone working remotely from the data center is a regular victim of latency, and the productivity hit you’ll take as a result is not acceptable. Let’s face it – even if you wanted to deploy on-prem VDI in multiple data centers to improve proximity and therefore performance, doing so entails so much complexity – not to mention the unsustainable cost – that this approach is untenable. It’s time to modernize VDI, and that means moving desktop workloads to the cloud.

However, even when you look hopefully to modern Cloud PC solutions, many will crush your dreams of fast performance, because even though they are “new” on the market, they are built on old architectures. If proximity to your Cloud PC is the answer to latency – and it is – you’re going to run into a major problem with these old architectures when trying to place the Cloud PC close to every end user. If you have a large organization with end users distributed around the country, the continent or the world, it’s essential that you understand this: With old Cloud PC architectures, you’ll need to replicate your Cloud PC infrastructure in every cloud region near your end users to be able to place Cloud PCs close to them. Then, you’ll need to figure out how to manage the complexity and inconsistencies that come with having all that infrastructure in multiple cloud regions. You’ll also need to figure out how to monitor the behavior, security and performance of your Cloud PCs globally. How will you know if users can’t connect, or if a change made by your cloud provider caused a problem for one of your apps? With this approach, you won’t know what’s going on with your Cloud PC deployment, and that means you’ve lost control of it. Further, if you do deploy in multiple regions or multiple clouds, how will you track, predict and control the costs, which vary region by region?

Modernize VDI with Cloud PCs for Amazing Performance

There is no longer any reason to struggle with performance, scalability or monitoring of virtual desktops. And there is no longer any reason to over-provision desktops and spend money unnecessarily. Today, there is only one Cloud PC solution that addresses the complexity, security, scalability and performance problems you’re facing with on-prem VDI. It’s Workspot. Workspot’s SaaS Cloud PC platform is an innovative, cloud-native solution that delivers the performance your end users need to take productivity to the next level – no matter where they are working – while also simplifying desktop management, improving security, and enabling you to spin up thousands of Cloud PCs on-demand, across cloud regions, in a few minutes. The secret is our cloud-native architecture.  We didn’t just bolt on the cloud to an outdated VDI solution. We built our architecture from the ground up for massive public cloud scale, horizontal scalability in minutes, Zero Trust security, and performance that delights end users! Plus, flexible pricing models – whether flat rate or consumption based – are tailored to your use cases, helping you to control costs. Schedule a demo with our team and let’s talk architectures!

Another conversation some people still want to have is about protocols. The protocol debates started in the late 90s when we were connecting over 28.8k dial-up modems to a single data center close to the corporate headquarters. VDI vendors tried and tried to improve performance by optimizing protocols to accommodate high latency and/or low bandwidth scenarios. We’ve come a long way since then – now the world is completely different. Today most users can get 10+Mbps from home or from the office. Plus, with public cloud ubiquity, every company now has access to dozens of cloud “data centers” in every part of the globe, so they also have proximity in their favor. This means that much of the optimization done for high latency and/or low bandwidth scenarios is no longer relevant. If you can connect a user to their virtual desktop with less than 50ms latency and >10Mbps bandwidth, the protocol in use is unimportant. The protocol wars are long over.

The conversation to have now is: “How fast can I deploy modern, cloud-native SaaS Cloud PCs around the world?” The answer should be days or weeks, not months or years! And if the solution doesn’t allow you to add Cloud PCs anywhere in a few minutes, your next call should be to Workspot.

What Are Customers Saying About Cloud PC Performance?

We love sharing stories about the success our customers are having with their Cloud PCs. Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

“We’re seeing ridiculous speed with Workspot on Azure. I said this over 2 1/2 years ago, and it still holds true today,”

“I used my virtual desktop as my primary computer all day yesterday and the performance was great! I experienced no lag, no stutters at all.”

“Performance of the Cloud PCs exceeds that of the previous VDI environment we had on premise.”

“The Cloud PCs are fast and powerful, all of our users had no problem transitioning from a performance perspective.” 

“The performance for the end user is consistently good, even rivaling a local LAN experience.”

“We use Workspot to really give the user the feel of sitting in our headquarters with access from anywhere.”

“Simple to administer and WOW performance”

 “It is very responsive, fast and as if they were working on their own desktop in the office.”

These quotes are just the tip of the iceberg, reflecting the transformative power of Workspot SaaS Cloud PCs. Ready to modernize your VDI to achieve better performance and boost productivity?  Schedule a demo and let us “Wow” you with how easy it is to deploy and manage Cloud PCs globally, while delivering amazing performance end users love!