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The Soft Side of SaaS Cloud Desktops Can Be the Most Powerful

In the early days of deploying Windows 10 virtual desktops in the public cloud (Workspot was first to market in 2016!), much of the conversation revolved around reducing hard costs. Certainly, moving away from traditional data centers in favor of putting workloads in the public cloud, as well as retiring complex and costly legacy VDI infrastructure in favor of cloud infrastructure can have significant impact on reducing IT costs.


As time has gone on, IT leaders have realized far greater benefits than just reducing infrastructure costs. They’ve realized a collection of powerful benefits – some quantifiable, some not – that add up to serious strategic value. Let’s take a closer look at some of the “soft” cost savings and benefits that create new business opportunities.


Hire the Best People – No Matter Where They Live

It’s tough to find exactly the right skill sets for job openings. If you’re also limited to finding the candidate within a small geographical area, that’s makes it even more difficult. Thankfully, in 2021, even the most reluctant organizations have witnessed that remote working is not only manageable, but attractive for both the business and the employees. As we move forward from the pandemic, many business leaders have come to view working at home or from a client site as more of a norm than an exception. They’ve seen productivity gains alongside better work-life balance for people, and that’s a winning combination.


However, some people have very specific and demanding requirements for high-performance computing. They are power users, such as CAD engineers, who been required to commute to an office because remote working solutions have not delivered the performance they need. That has all changed with the availability of Workspot’s SaaS cloud workstations on Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Our customers using CAD report as good or better performance compared to their physical workstations. That is impressive! With Workspot cloud workstations delivering as good or better performance for the than the best performing physical workstation, any lingering barriers for hiring the best people anywhere in the world – task workers, knowledge workers, or power users –  are removed.


The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud enables a more productive business and helps retain valuable employees through flexible remote working.


Boundless Business Growth

When business opportunity is decoupled from the geographical location of an office, the business has room to grow beyond previous boundaries. Just as downsizing data center infrastructure in favor of using public cloud infrastructure delivered new levels of flexibility and efficiency to enterprises, so too does shedding the requirement of having an office location everywhere you do business. Superior computing performance, employee productivity and data security are no longer the exclusive domain of a company’s headquarters and branch offices. Today, Workspot cloud desktops and workstations deliver the best app performance, enable increased employee productivity and enforce Zero Trust Security, anywhere people want or need to work, freeing the business to grow in new directions.


Optimize IT Resources

So many tech vendors claim that they simplify IT, but do they really? The fact is, that by definition the IT team will always grapple with making tough decisions to support the strategic goals of the business. Eliminating complicated on-prem VDI infrastructure and moving beyond the need for never-ending hardware refresh cycles allows you to apply precious IT resources to more strategic projects. Why deal with it when someone else can deliver cloud desktops as a service, while improving the user experience and better securing sensitive data? Our customers also tell us that help desk tickets are reduced dramatically when they implement Workspot. That’s because it just works, and when it just works, that truly simplifies IT.
Workspot reduces IT costs for support, infrastructure, hardware, desktop management and troubleshooting costs, while freeing valuable resources to pursue the company’s growth objectives.


Work Style Flexibility for Employee Retention

The competition is looking for great people, so be sure to keep yours happy. Supporting their work-life balance does not mean sacrificing business productivity. In fact, our customers have found just the opposite, and many have quantified impressive productivity gains during the great work from home experiment. They found that when people didn’t have to commute or waste time doing their hair :), that time was added to their work day. And because working from home allows you to “life-slice”, where you can perform “slices” of both personal and work tasks, people feel more calm, in control of their lives, and happier overall. Those are massive benefits for everyone, and they favor the bottom line through greater productivity and employee retention.


No More Tradeoffs Between Security and User Productivity

When we think about security, there are a few aspects to consider. The days of managing endpoints really must end because it’s a losing battle. IT has lost control over the myriad devices people use to get work done, and that’s a scary reality because just one unpatched PC can introduce the opportunity for a massive security breach. VPN use is another potential security risk. Both issues are good reasons to move desktops to the cloud, but you really need to do your homework on solution options. The architecture of the cloud desktop solution really matters. I can’t emphasize that enough. When you combine Workspot’s cloud-native architecture, which separates the control and data planes, with highly secure public cloud services,  you have a cloud desktop solution that is more secure than any other vendor’s cloud desktop solution. That’s powerful stuff.  Enforcing  your Zero Trust Security model requires a cloud desktop solution that separates the provisioning and management components from customer data flows. Period. And there’s only one. Workspot. This is how you get to robust security without ever impacting user productivity. Users don’t have to do anything special; they get to enjoy a seamless experience that just works, so they can just work too! No more tradeoffs between security and user productivity. No more shadow IT.


These are just a few of the less obvious cloud desktop benefits, in addition to hard cost savings, that add up to massive value for enterprises.


Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo, we’ll show you how it works, and it’s pretty likely you’re going to be “wowed!”