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It’s Time to Modernize Your App Delivery Solution

Right now, many organizations are weighing their options for implementing the right app delivery solution. It’s a major decision that is fraught with complications. In the cloud era you need an alternative to traditional app publishing solutions. Today, simplicity and flexibility are paramount to enterprise organizations. The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud™ platform is a cloud-native SaaS solution for delivering desktops, workstations, or just the apps to any device, anywhere. The massive scale and fortified security of public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud prepares your organization to respond to volatile business dynamics. Simplify remote app delivery, streamline IT infrastructure and slash OpEx. Workspot achieves all these requirements while future-proofing your app delivery strategy.



Workspot provides the ultimate flexibility for delivering cloud desktops, apps and GPU cloud workstations to end users anywhere.

Cloud App Simplicity with Public Cloud Scale

Workspot is a multi-tenant, cloud-native SaaS solution, where the operational components of Windows app delivery such as provisioning, management, brokering, and load balancing are implemented as highly scalable cloud-native micro-services. Our session-based app solution combines the power of our turnkey, cloud app service with massive public cloud scale. Because each end user has unique requirements, Workspot offers a variety of configurations to suit every enterprise use case.

For users who do not need a full Windows 10/11 desktop, secure access to just a few corporate apps is the perfect solution. IT teams can seamlessly deploy virtual applications into any cloud region in the world using our insanely simple turnkey service and then manage it all – cloud desktops, cloud apps, and cloud workstations – using a single pane of glass.



Workspot provides the ultimate flexibility for delivering cloud desktops, apps and GPU cloud workstations to end users anywhere.

Move Apps to the Cloud in Days

Many organizations today are facing a major rip-and-replace migration from their legacy app delivery solution, and it could take 6-9 months of running a PoC, sizing, testing, and then finally deploying to initial users. During that period, you’ll have to spend considerable time and money on additional licenses & components, as well as re-training your IT staff on the new infrastructure. Instead, make the move to the cloud and have your first app up and running in Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud in a few days. Deploy to cloud regions nearest users and deliver a better end-user experience.



Workspot eliminates the complexity associated with legacy app publishing solutions.


Workspot on Google Cloud is the perfect combination of price performance and simplicity.”

Moffat and Nichol – Civil Engineering

“A seamless Workspot POC process with seasoned experts who had strong Azure expertise gave Workspot an edge. It was a unanimous decision to select Workspot.”

Advisor 360 – Financial Services

“The ROI makes Workspot a no-brainer.”

Dudek – Civil Engineering

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Cloud Desktops & Apps

Workspot has you covered with cloud desktops, apps and GPU cloud workstations for every use case.