Here’s What Your Peers Are Asking About Cloud Workstations

How do Workspot cloud workstations compare to physical GPU PCs?

Most Workspot users report exceptional performance when switching to cloud workstations, and there a number of reasons for this. First, Workspot can leverage a wide range of GPUs in the cloud to meet your users’ performance requirements, and the hardware in the cloud is evergreen. No more expensive and complex hardware refreshes! Also, because Workspot places each cloud workstation in the cloud region close to the user, latency is minimal – often less than 25 ms. Data access travels at lightning speed over the cloud’s fast backbone, and even more so for organizations who also choose to put their data in the cloud for easier collaboration. 

The flexibility and agility you gain with cloud workstations means that no matter what business disruptions may happen, your team can continue working seamlessly from anywhere to keep the business strong and clients happy.

Will Workspot work with my lock and sync technology?

Yes. Workspot has strong partnerships with companies such as Nasuni and Panzura. Our joint customers are successfully using Workspot cloud workstations in tandem with cloud storage and lock and sync to simplify collaboration, ensure fast access to data, and reduce the chance of versioning errors. 

How does Workspot compare to on-premises VDI solutions or cloud-based solutions like Microsoft WVD?

Workspot is the only cloud-native, enterprise-ready SaaS platform that is customized for your Windows 10 image and applications. We manage all the complex cloud computing services that your IT team would otherwise need to manage. We take responsibility for your desktop SLA with 99.95% cloud workstation availability. Once you’re live on Workspot, we provide your IT admins an easy to use, web-based console to provision your cloud desktops and workstations in any Azure or Google Cloud region, in minutes! With VDI, you’ll need the in-house IT expertise to build out your cloud VDI presence, along with the resources for ongoing management, upgrades and troubleshooting of the various components and services. With Workspot, we take care of all that for you.

How does pricing compare to my physical GPU workstations?

On average, customers have achieved >300% ROI by adopting Workspot cloud workstations. 

Customers report cost savings in a number of areas including:

  • Reduced hardware costs:
    $5000 desktops can be replaced with $400 tablets as all compute is now in the cloud.
  • Reduced project re-work:
    By sharing a common data environment, employees can reduce versioning-related workflow errors
  • Reduced support costs:
    Organizations that previously needed to provision hardware, networking equipment and IT resources to support remote offices can now save 15-30% of IT personnel’s time, as well as the additional infrastructure costs.
  • Reduced transfer costs:
    Collocating compute and data in the cloud eliminates the need for data transfer, along with potential egress charges.

Further, there are a number of additional benefits our customers experience:

  • Improved productivity:
    Employee productivity improvement is driven by better collaboration across teams, faster data read/write times, and the ability to work remotely from a job site or home. Workspot customers often see a 2-4% increase in billable hours when employees are able to work remotely, which can quickly pay for the cost of Workspot.
  • Simplify new office openings:
    Increase business agility and have new sites up and running quickly.
  • Improve retention:
    Remote work options are often attractive benefits when trying to keep your best employees.
  • Access to global talent:
    Why should your recruiting be restricted to your office zip code? Hire the best people, where ever they are, by enabling high performance remote work. 
  • Sustainability:
    Eliminate high powered workstations or data center infrastructure that have high energy requirements. Reduce your carbon footprint and potentially gain access to related tax credits or funding. 

Learn more about how to calculate the ROI for cloud workstations.

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