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The Definitive Criteria for Evaluating DaaS Providers

Not all Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) solutions are the right fit for your business. The main objective of an effective cloud desktop… Read more

Top Criteria for Evaluating DaaS Providers

Analysts are forecasting dramatic growth in desktop-as-a-service adoption. This checklist enables you to ask vendors the tough questions…Read more.

Cloud Desktops for Life Sciences

For Life Sciences organizations, the need to reduce costs in the product lifecycle while also bringing products to market more efficiently is acute… Read more.

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Cloud Desktops for Law Firms

Legal professionals need to be able to work anywhere to best serve their clients, so secure access to client case files is critical… Read more.

Solution Briefs
Cloud Desktops: Love at First Sight?

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) Adoption is Accelerating In an April 2021 press release, Gartner forecast that “Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) will… Read more

Be In-the-Know on the Latest Cloud Desktop Community News

Workspot has been making great strides in our various efforts to collaborate with, support, and engage with our global community… Read more

Cloud Architects Reveal Their Secrets of Global Cloud Desktop Deployments

Cloud Architects Reveal Their Secrets of Global Cloud Desktop Deployments

Case Study: Global Finishing Solutions

Manufacturing firm gains greater agility and access to a larger talent pool by using cloud workstations… Read more.

Case Studies
Case Study: Sherwood Design Engineers

This full-service civil engineering firm discovered that Workspot cloud workstations “worked 10x better” than what their power users had been using… Read more.

Case Studies
The Architect’s Guide to Cloud-Native VDI

As a solution architect, your cloud desktop evaluation requires a deep dive into why a cloud-native architecture is best… Read more.

Conversations with Customers: Global Finishing Solutions Thinks Big with Cloud Workstations

Have you ever wondered how the airplane you’re about to enter was painted? I’ve certainly admired airline paint jobs before,… Read more

Workspot Customer Houston Eye Shares Their Journey to Workspot

Healthcare Provider Chooses Workspot Desktop Cloud. How do you instantly deliver apps and data to PCs in exam rooms across 29 locations using service account sign-ins?