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• Workspot Workstation Cloud in Microsoft Azure
• Workspot Desktop Cloud in Microsoft Azure
• Cloud workstations and cloud PCs are placed in the Azure region closest to the user
• Project data is uploaded from drones to a cluster of cloud workstations in Azure
• Project data is processed and engineers can visualize it using any device, anywhere
• Survey engineers use any device to access the ArcGIS app on cloud workstations
• Disaster recovery is built-in to the solution


• Data uploaded from drones is processed in a fraction of the time it took previously
• Data can be visualized in real-time, no matter where the engineer is located
• Survey engineers are delighted with better performance than physical workstations
• Legacy VDI Users can look forward to superior performance & reliability
• The business is able to be more responsive to our customers’ needs
• IT gets simplified infrastructure, fewer management headaches, lower CapEx
• Disaster recovery is vastly improved with work-anywhere capability

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