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Why Choose Born in the Cloud Virtual Desktops

These days all kinds of software companies have jumped on the cloud bandwagon – and it’s easy to see why. All you have to do is take a look at some of the surveys by industry analysts to see the huge numbers of organizations that already have a cloud presence or are quickly moving in that direction. You hear the terms “born in the cloud”, “cloud-enabled” and “cloud-native” all the time, but often the differences between them are blurry and it’s confusing for customers. So let’s take a closer look for clarity.


Born in the Cloud Means Simplicity and More

You see the term “Born in the Cloud” referenced here and there, and we use it to describe Workspot. What do we mean by it, and why does it matter? Techopedia defines it as “a specific type of cloud service that does not involve legacy systems, but was designed for cloud delivery.” Techopedia also notes that born in the cloud products deliver certain benefits, such as “rapid elasticity” and “on-demand availability”. From the standpoint of Workspot Desktop Cloud solutions and our customers’ requirements, those cloud attributes support important features and benefits, such as desktop provisioning in minutes, instant scalability, and better-than-physical-PC performance. Sounds pretty compelling, right? Then there’s simplicity. If your virtual desktop solution doesn’t simplify your world, it’s time to re-evaluate.

Is it Cloud-Enabled or Cloud-Native?

So if “born in the cloud” is inherently designed for cloud delivery, how does that fit in with the notions of “cloud-enabled” and “cloud-native”? These two terms are sometimes used interchangeably and can be easily confused, yet the difference between them is VAST. Here is the heart of the matter: A cloud-enabled VDI solution is a legacy product that was originally designed for a traditional data center and was then plunked into the cloud. A cloud-native virtual desktop solution is built from the ground up using micro-services; it’s multi-tenant, and it features fast and easy scalability. Cloud-enabled VDI drags along all the same baggage it had in its data center incarnation: It’s complex, single tenant, and hard to scale. The cloud-native solutions deliver all the simplicity, elasticity and scalability benefits I mentioned above. So, born in the cloud and cloud-native are the same thing. That’s Workspot. It’s the cloud-enabled solutions you need to worry about.

There are only two cloud-native virtual desktop solutions: Amazon Workspaces and Workspot, and they are both great choices depending on your specific needs. All the other vendors have cloud-enabled VDI solutions, which cannot deliver the simplicity, scalability and performance benefits that made moving to the cloud so attractive in the first place!

Go Cloud-Native!

When you choose a cloud-native, born in the cloud virtual desktop solution, you have an unprecedented opportunity to simplify. You can reallocate IT resources to more strategic projects, fortify security, support mobile workstyles, achieve greater business agility to serve new markets and deliver as good or better performance than PCs and workstations to your users. Those are just a few reasons why it’s time to go cloud-native!

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