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Forget Everything You Know About VDI! Move to the Cloud.

Here’s the second blog in our “Forget What You Know About VDI” series. Workspot is different! Be sure to read the first blog – it’s all about performance, why you must forget what you know about poor VDI performance, and why end users love their cloud desktops!

This week, let’s examine why you should move to the cloud and take your desktops with you, why working with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can’t take your organization where it needs to go, and why the right cloud desktop solution can.

Most enterprise customers have deployed legacy VDI on-premises over the last decade. For most of them, it has been a challenging experience operationally, their end users have been unhappy about the performance of their virtual desktops, and therefore the scope of these implementations have been limited.

When we talk to the CIOs and other IT leaders in these organizations, there are three questions we can always count on hearing:

(1) Why should we move to the cloud? Isn’t it similar to hosting?

(2) If we have to go to the cloud, why wouldn’t we choose the cloud solution from our IaaS provider, if they have one?

(3) Why should we choose Workspot?

Why Should We Move to the Cloud? Isn’t it Similar to Hosting?

The data center era is over. CIOs want out of data center management so they can focus on the core competencies of their own business. Fortunately, there are hundreds of reasons to move workloads to the cloud; every company will have access to that many data centers – all over the world! This is the low-latency infrastructure era: cloud “data centers” are everywhere, connected by 30Gbps network backplanes.

The data center era is over. Now, the low-latency infrastructure era offers massive scale and exceptional performance.

For most workloads – databases, SAP, application servers, and legacy VDI – having access to hundreds of data centers is not useful. Legacy enterprise software was written for use in one data center; you cannot simply take this type of solution and duplicate it in the hundreds of public cloud regions that are now available to you. It’s just not scalable, and even it it were, how could you afford to run hundreds of data centers?

Some organizations have outsourced VDI to a local managed service provider (MSP), which relieves them of day to day management (for a fee), but the infrastructure challenges remain the same – you’re just dealing with a different data center that someone else is running. It’s hard to scale, performance is dismal for users who are more than 50ms away from the MSP’s data center, and it takes time to resolve issues when they arise – which results in end user downtime. Further, organizations faced with data security or compliance concerns must also evaluate each provider from that perspective. The DIY and MSP approaches to virtual desktops do not solve your scalability, performance or security issues. But the right cloud PC solution does.

For virtual desktops, it is imperative that you take advantage of the globally-distributed public cloud. Why? Because large organizations’ users and their PCs are distributed over the world. If you can place their virtual desktops in a cloud region nearest to them, you will get low latency/high bandwidth connectivity between the user and their virtual desktop; this architecture enables exceptional performance for your end users, no matter where they are in the world. A solution architecture that enables horizontal scalability (in minutes) across cloud regions, is managed through a single console, and strengthens your Zero Trust Security initiative is what you can expect today.

Why Shouldn’t We Choose The Solution from Our IaaS Provider?

The answer is simple: most companies need to have a multi-cloud strategy. A recent survey by Flexera found that nearly 93% of the respondents wanted a hybrid, multi-cloud strategy.

Enterprises have multi-cloud strategies for good reason. Only Workspot offers cloud PCs that span public clouds and are managed through a single console.

The public clouds are architected very differently. They have different types of servers (x86 vs. ARM), different kinds of GPUs (nVIDIA vs. AMD), different hypervisors (KVM vs. Hyper-V), and various storage and networking technologies. If you want a multi-cloud strategy, it would be too expensive and complicated to train your IT staff on all of the different components that make up each public cloud. Consequently, a cloud desktop solution that abstracts away the underlying cloud differences and complexity becomes essential for organizations to execute on their multi-cloud strategy. Further, our internal performance benchmarks show significant price/performance differences for virtual workloads. Wouldn’t you want the flexibility of choosing the right platform to deliver the best price/performance for every end user?

Why Workspot Cloud Desktops?

Workspot is the only cloud desktop solution that lets you provision Windows 10 workloads in both Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud and manage it all from a single pane of glass.

We make it simple for IT to deploy Windows 10 cloud PCs into any Azure or GCP region in the world, for optimal end user performance. We deliver flat, predictable, subscription pricing for each cloud PC. That means that the Workspot cloud PC, plus the cost of the cloud compute to run it, Go-Live Services, and support, are all included in the cost of your Workspot cloud PC. There are no surprises in your bill! Plus, there are many configurations available  – you decide which users need how much CPU, Memory, GPU, Storage. Some users will require persistent desktops, some can use non-persistent desktops, and others just need secure access to published apps. That’s the kind of flexibility enterprise IT needs to meet the work requirements of all kinds of end users: knowledge workers, task workers, and power users. End users love the performance they get, and IT loves the simplicity of deploying and managing all their cloud desktops through Workspot’s single pane of glass. The IT team can relinquish responsibility for the SLA of the cloud PC to Workspot. We take care of that for you so your IT people can focus on more important matters!


The Workspot difference: Simplify IT, delight end users, expand business opportunities around the globe!


Ready to learn more? Schedule a demo and you can ask all the really hard questions of our experts. We’ll show you how Workspot is different from any other solution on the planet, and how we work with you to ensure your success.