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Why I Joined Workspot – the Cloud Desktop Vision

We are at an inflection point. When it comes to the public cloud, IT community leaders are speaking loudly and clearly. Facing soaring capital expenditures and data centers hungry for both IT expertise and electricity, IT has been viewed as a cost center, not a strategic enabler for the business. Visionary CIOs have long recognized the power of cloud computing as a way to simplify their on-prem operations while taking advantage of the cost efficiencies of the public cloud’s pay-as-you-go model.

Further, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers have repeatedly demonstrated how they can simplify public cloud use by wrapping the right technology together with services to solve specific customer business challenges in unique and focused ways. Workspot, with its innovative cloud desktop solutions, is no exception.

Every organization relies on its workforce to deliver results. In most enterprises, these employees rely on a computer and applications to transfer their knowledge and ideas into action. But deployment and management of these PCs and workstations has been an ongoing source of pain for IT organizations. IT must manage provisioning, break-fix, hardware refresh, remote troubleshooting, compliance, and security, along with all the other challenges of ensuring employees have what they need to be productive.

I believe Workspot is fundamentally changing how IT organizations fuel productivity and corporate growth with its SaaS cloud desktops.

What’s the Workspot difference? Workspot wraps the many services available in Microsoft Azure – including storage, virtualization, custom images, brokering, provisioning and many others – into a turnkey, managed cloud desktop that can be deployed in minutes in any Azure instance around the globe. Workspot’s flat-rate pricing includes the cost of Azure, so companies reduce CapEx and gain predictable OpEx. Tight integration with Azure ensures users get the Windows 10 desktop they want, integrated with the processes and customizations IT organizations need. Workspot’s global, cloud desktop fabric deploys the desktop at the edge of the cloud, closest to the user, so performance is exceptional – even for GPU power users.

It is inspiring to hear from our customers how Workspot has improved their agility, helping them grow their business without increasing IT staff. We have customers who are moving every employee in the company to Workspot, a tremendous tribute to the quality of user experience and the value to the IT organization and the business. These stories are enabled by the passion and commitment of our own team at Workspot.

I am looking forward to the day when people don’t call their computer a PC, a tablet, a laptop, or a workstation. They just call it their Workspot.

Brilliant technology, solving real customer problems. A fantastic team at Workspot dedicated to customer success. The opportunity to contribute to the future of desktop computing. This is why I joined Workspot!

If you’d like to learn more about how Workspot cloud desktop solutions deliver he agility enterprise need to grow, schedule a demo to discuss your requirements and see how it works.