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Workspot Cloud Desktops Deliver Beyond the Promise of VDI

Collectively, the Workspot team knows many, many VDI experts all over the world. There’s a bunch of really smart people out there who’ve implemented on-premises VDI solutions over the years; unfortunately, they’ve been limited by the technology and so have the customers using it. Many promises have been made about the simplicity, performance, scalability, and manageability of traditional VDI; we just don’t believe those promises have been kept in a way that best serves customers. So we reinvented the way desktops and apps are delivered to users. Today Workspot is delivering customer benefits that go well beyond the promise of VDI. Here’s how we’re doing it.


Simplicity permeates our cloud desktop service.  CIOs are getting out of the data center business because they are costly and complex to run, and they limit business agility. Taking that a step further, if lower costs, simplicity and agility are what’s needed for the business, virtual desktop solutions – whether on-prem or cloud-based – should be subject to those same requirements.  One of the best things about implementing a turnkey, cloud desktop service is how easy it is to get started, with low upfront costs.  Then, as you grow and your business needs change, you just add cloud desktops and GPU cloud workstations in any Azure cloud region in the world. Simplicity extends to our flat-rate pricing too, which includes Azure compute. You receive a single, predictable bill from Workspot. No surprises and no time-consuming cost analysis needed. Go-Live Deployment Services and standard support are included too, plus, we take the desktop SLA off your plate and deliver 99.95% availability, so your IT team can stop worrying.

“Workspot has taken over the responsibility of making sure our workstations are available for us, and that’s been huge.”


Cloud desktops deliver agility – it’s the best reason to deploy them.  When you deploy cloud desktops  across any of the 50+ Azure cloud regions that are available today or built tomorrow, scaling up and down on-demand happens in minutes, so you can respond to business dynamics, be ready for anything, and pursue new opportunities globally, no branch office required! It takes a unique architecture to support planet-scale cloud desktop deployments. Most software solutions, and VDI solutions in particular, were built for a single data center, so they don’t scale easily and cloud-enabling them doesn’t take full advantage of the massive scale of the public cloud. Those solutions would have to be re-architected to achieve what we do for customers. Workspot was designed with a globally distributed architecture, built from the ground up to run across hundreds of cloud regions (your new data centers!). By definition, a planet-scale solution is manageable from a single pane of glass: IT should be able to easily provision, operate, and monitor the solution across the globe. For example,  you might need to deploy 100 desktops in Singapore, 200 in LA,300 in London and 100 GPU workstations in New York. With Workspot’s turnkey service, you provision and all the desktops and workstations you need on-demand, and then easily monitor and manage all your users and desktops. This all happens through a single pane of glass, dramatically simplifying desktop operations for IT teams.

“Workspot solutions have become the centerpiece of our overall cloud strategy.”


Because of its single data center architecture, it’s expensive and difficult to scale VDI horizontally, so many users struggle with high-latency because they are so far away from the data center – often 150ms or more. Latency can kill performance, and that impacts productivity.  So now that you have access to more than 50 data centers around the world (and counting!), what can you do with them? Place cloud desktops in the Azure cloud regions closest to your users – often that’s less than 25ms away! When desktops and data are tightly-coupled in Azure close to users, latency drops, performance is great, and users are happy! We have many customers reporting performance that exceeds that of physical PCs and workstations: 6 ms, 12 ms, 25ms response times… that’s fast.

“Workspot dramatically decreased our time to get deliverables into the hands of our clients, giving us a competitive advantage.”

Enterprise manageability

With Workspot, your rules apply! When you deploy cloud desktops and GPU cloud workstations, you use your Windows 10 custom image, GPOs, MFA. and security policies.  Everything is customized for the way you operate, and your existing systems management tools, such as SCCM, work seamlessly too. It doesn’t make sense to ask your IT team to learn new processes, grapple with configuring a vanilla cloud desktop, or micro-manage infrastructure. The whole point of moving to cloud desktops is to streamline IT and free up valuable resources to work on projects that are more strategic to the business.

“The ability to spin up cloud workstations or redeploy cloud workstations with our image on it, all done in five minutes, is huge for us.”

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