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Workspot Conversations with Customers: Cloud VDI Exceeds Expectations & That’s Just Plain Fun!

When you exceed someone’s expectations it sure feels good! And when you get to do it over and over, for hundreds of people over the course of two days, it’s even better! ¬†At Autodesk University in London this week, attendees discovered that Workspot Cloud Desktop VDI exceeds expectations.

Workspot Cloud VDI exceed expectations at Autodesk University London

We met all kinds of interesting people at the show – from students to IT leaders in large AEC firms – we even hung out with one Revit expert whose mission it was to break Workspot! That was extra fun because when he took over the mouse while stating his intent to wreak havoc with the cloud workstation, he ended up being surprised and amazed at how great the performance was despite his evil efforts – ha! Nice try Revit guru ūüôā While coming from all different disciplines, Autodesk University attendees have one fundamental thing in common – they are passionate “makers”, and their passion is met by our passion to enable them to do what they do best – create. As we talked about the way people work, two themes kept coming up when we spoke with attendees, whether power users or IT leaders: Performance and flexibility.

“Wow that’s way faster than I thought”

Some of the larger firms we spoke with have tried legacy VDI in the past, some are still struggling with it, and others are feeling the limitations of their physical workstations. A primary complaint among legacy VDI users in AEC firms and a complete show stopper for power users is poor performance. Some firms can get by with adequate performance – it’s nothing to write home about, but they can get by with it as long as all their users show up at an office that is right next to the data center. It’s when the firm has a need to support remote workers in branch offices that performance really falls apart. The reality is that for firms to achieve healthy growth, they need to be able to pursue new opportunities outside their immediate geographical area, and that introduces latency that power users really can’t tolerate. The IT people in AEC firms are typically very tuned-in to the needs of power users; our customers in this industry held up performance as the gating item for a successful¬†POC; those who have been down the road of legacy VDI will never consider sacrificing the performance of their power users again – power users rule! This is a critical way that cloud VDI exceeds expectations. You can read more about The New Math of VDI Performance¬†in our Executive Brief when you have a minute. We love demonstrating cloud workstations at events such as Autodesk University because we blow minds. With CAD users, you can see the wheels of their imaginations turning toward “I can work at home!”, and “I can get the same or better performance than when I’m in the office!” and “Now I can have flexible work hours and get to my kid’s soccer practice!” For IT teams and business leaders, there are few things better than happy employees. The outstanding performance of Workspot cloud workstations on Azure makes all of this possible. Hear what a CAD manager has to say about Workspot performance.¬†For companies outside architecture, engineering, and construction, all those demanding CAD people using Workspot cloud workstations have validated for you that the performance of Workspot on Azure is ridiculously great, and that means your typical business users, who are not manipulating complex, 3D images, are going to be really, really happy too.

“This is so flexible!”

Flexibility is paramount for a growing business. For companies in any industry, the ability to quickly onboard new employees and contractors is¬†essential, because, without the right people, it’s impossible to grow. ¬†The chances of the right talent always being within commute distance of a headquarters or branch office are pretty low – especially when we are talking about highly specialized people such as CAD engineers – so that means that you need the flexibility to engage the right talent for the job, and get them up, running, and productive quickly, no matter where they reside. Similarly, growing companies need the flexibility to easily scale their compute resources up and down as business requirements change and projects are started and completed. This is particularly powerful when we look inside the world of AEC joint ventures – a very common practice that brings with it all the challenges associated with partners having disparate technology platforms – but that’s an entirely different blog! What’s¬†notable is that the days of overprovisioning end-user compute¬†resources to be prepared for the unknown are over – when you use Workspot, you have all the flexibility you need! Flexibility and agility are critical to growth and two more ways that cloud VDI exceeds expectations.

Team Azure: With Workspot & Microsoft, customers win

We had the pleasure of co-presenting with Adam Steele, who is the AEC industry expert for Microsoft in the UK, during our Lunch & Learn session featuring cloud workstations on Azure. It’s not that often when a technology partnership aligns so well, but Workspot and Microsoft are literally transforming industries with the flexibility and business agility that cloud computing offers. As organizations of all sizes navigate their journey to the cloud, one of the Microsoft AEC expert explains Workspot cloud workstations on Azurehighest value actions they can take is to move desktop workloads to Azure, and that’s what we do best: Remove the complexity and maintenance overhead of outdated VDI and physical desktops with a turnkey cloud desktop service on Azure. That’s how we enable you to do what you do best while also helping you make better use of IT resources, keep valuable employees and contractors happy, and grow the business through agility that has never before been possible. That’s just a few of the ways Workspot cloud VDI exceeds expectations. You can read more about why a turnkey service is important here.

With the Workspot and Microsoft partnership behind you, the possibilities are super exciting. Access to 54+ Azure regions around the world means you’re a planet-scale company with planet-scale aspirations, and Workspot is right there with you to help make it happen. Take the next step so you have all the information you need to make the right technology decisions and help your organization grow. Get in touch and we can help as you journey to the cloud; I know Workspot cloud VDI will exceed your expectations! ¬†Schedule a demo now!