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Workspot News RoundUp: The Latest Buzz About Cloud PCs

Isn’t the end of summer supposed to be lazy and uneventful? I think those “lazy, hazy days of summer” are over forever! It’s certainly the case at Workspot. In addition to our own press announcements, we’ve been featured in a variety of publications over the last few weeks, so in case you missed some of this coverage, here’s a summary with pointers to articles I think you’ll find valuable. What’s neat is that the articles include a customer spotlight, a board member’s insights as well as employees discussing what’s hot with cloud desktops and workstations. Enjoy!

We kicked August off with our announcement of Workspot Watch™, our big data collection, analysis and correlation engine that provides global observability of Workspot cloud desktops and workstations across cloud regions. This is a big deal, but you have to dive into it a bit to really understand the significance of our innovative capabilities when it comes to securing your corporate data and ensuring the overall health of your cloud desktops. No other vendor can collect data across clouds and then synthesize that data into trends and patterns that are actionable for customers.

Next, Workspot’s impact in the manufacturing industry was highlighted on Software Business Growth. Being able to effectively collaborate across project teams is particularly key for manufacturing firms, because it has a direct impact on time-to-market and on product quality. This is why adopting cloud PC solutions is so compelling for manufacturers. In this article, Workspot’s Brad Peterson discusses 7 advantages manufacturing firms can achieve using cloud PCs.

IDG Connect featured our CEO, Amitabh Sinha, sharing tech-career advice. Amitabh’s perspective on developing IT skill sets is refreshing and practical, opening doors that anyone who is willing to work hard enough can walk through.

Forbes describes Mark Templeton as an “investor, mentor & board director for market- and thought-leading CEOs & technology companies, including Workspot.” A concise descriptor to be sure, but it says so much about this great leader and visionary. Fellow IT leaders will undoubtedly find this Forbes Council article informative and compelling. In it, Mark describes 5 key areas IT decision makers and solution architects should explore to make sure they are choosing the right cloud PC solution for their organization.

It’s pretty obvious that the momentum for adopting desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) is accelerating because of the significant benefits enterprises can achieve. Last week, SaaS Industry published an article by Amitabh that presents several implications for choosing either do-it-yourself (DIY) DaaS or a SaaS approach to DaaS. For each approach there are cost, management security and scalability consequences you need to consider to make sure your requirements can be met.

Digital Engineering featured a story that covers Workspot’s customer, Global Finishing Solutions, a manufacturer of huge spray paint booths for aerospace, industrial and automotive applications. Basically they make it possible for companies such as Space X to paint their rockets and spacecraft! The firm was already evaluating Workspot cloud workstations when the pandemic hit; here is their story.

Here’s my final highlight for this blog – a podcast! With the weekend approaching fast, why not make some time to listen to a new podcast, hosted by Joe Green of Tech_HQ and featuring virtualization pioneer and industry guru Mark Templeton? I think you’ll enjoy this conversation about “all things abstract!”

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