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Webinar: On the SPOT! with Google & Workspot – Episode 4

Thomas Gourand, Director of Google Cloud joins Amitabh Sinha, CEO Workspot to talk 5 Cloud PC Trends IT Leaders Need to Know. Watch the webinar.

Video: Workspot Cloud PC and The Google Chromebook Pixel

In this demo you'll see a Google Chromebook Pixel running the Workspot Client for Web connecting to a Workspot Cloud PC running in the cloud.

Webinar: Increase Productivity with Workstations in the Cloud

The Barge Design team trusted Workspot with their toughest workload. That leap of faith proved invaluable to the business. Watch the webinar.

IDC Study: Workspot Offers Secure, Scalable Cloud PCs On Google Cloud to Manage Hybrid Work

IDC highlights the compelling agility and security benefits of Workspot SaaS Cloud PCs running on Google Cloud.

Analyst Reports
Guide: The Solution Architect’s Checklist for Evaluating Cloud PCs

Download a list of 70+ hard questions to ask Cloud PC and VDI vendors. Drill down in 5 key categories that are essential for your success.

eBook: Workspot and Google Cloud – Why Cloud PCs are Key to Hybrid Work

Hybrid work is here to stay, but what's the best way to support it? Compare approaches to virtual desktops to make sure your requirements are met.

Webinar Spotlight Moment: The Future of Work is Now – Thomas Gourand, Google Cloud

Thomas Gourand, Director of Google Cloud, and Amitabh Sinha, CEO of Workspot, discuss the Future of Work is Now... Watch now.

Guide: Top Criteria for Evaluating DaaS Providers

Analysts are forecasting dramatic growth in desktop-as-a-service adoption. This checklist enables you to ask vendors the tough questions...Read more.

eBook: The Architect’s Guide to Cloud-Native VDI

As a solution architect, your cloud desktop evaluation requires a deep dive into why a cloud-native architecture is best... Read more.

Deploy Cloud Desktops in Record Time

Workspot and Lakeside share their lessons learned deploying Workspot cloud desktops on a public cloud, in days, illuminating all of the blind spots that typically impede the deployment of virtual and physical desktops.

The VDI Protocol Wars are Over: Learn the New Math of VDI Performance

If you choose the right cloud desktop solution, any further discussion of protocols is pointless, because cloud region proximity now rules... Read more.

Executive Briefs
Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud on Microsoft Azure

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform on Microsoft Azure is the modern way for IT teams to deliver cloud desktops, apps and GPU cloud workstations to users anywhere... Read more.

Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud on Google Cloud

The Workspot Enterprise Desktop Cloud platform delivers cloud desktops, workstations and apps from Google Cloud Platform to any device, anywhere... Read more.

Why the Principle of Least Privilege Must be a Cornerstone of Cloud Desktop Security

Workspot was engineered based on key security and compliance principles such as Zero-Trust and the Principle of Least Privilege... Read more.

Executive Briefs
The Modern Way to Work: Powered by the Workspot Desktop Control Fabric

Workspot was founded in 2012 with the vision of simplifying end-user computing by transforming the Enterprise Desktop into a service -- a business utility... Read more.

White Papers
On the SPOT! with Mark Templeton, Episode 2

On the SPOT! - Workspot's thought leadership webinar series - continues with Episode 2 featuring a lively conversation about how to build a holistic, long-term work-from-anywhere strategy... Watch now.

What Makes a Cloud Desktop Solution Enterprise-Ready?

Workspot's SaaS platform for cloud desktops is designed to work with the tools and processes you already have in place, like multi-factor authentication, auditing, security software... Read more.

Executive Briefs
5 Top Reasons for Enterprises to Consider Cloud Desktops as a Service

The public cloud changes everything. Are you ready? Here's five key advantages to adopting cloud desktop as a service... Read more.

Ask the Architect (Really Hard Questions)

Cloud solution architect Michael Keen shares his deep expertise on summiting Mount Everest (twice!) and rolling out global cloud desktops... Watch now.

Considering Cloud PCs? Why You Need a SaaS Platform

There are a wide range of virtual desktop solutions, from on-prem VDI, to cloud-based brokers, to SaaS platforms... Read more.

Delivering Virtualized Applications with Workspot

Workspot addresses every corporate use case, including those where people need secure access to just a few applications rather than a complete cloud desktop. With a SaaS approach to cloud apps you'll reduce complexity - and that reduces costs too. Read more.

Solution Briefs
Customer Success Program Overview

Workspot is absolutely committed to your success. Here's how our world-class Customer Success team ensures the industry's fastest time-to-value for your cloud desktop implementation. Read more.

Solution Briefs
Architecture Matters: The Workspot Desktop Control Fabric

Workspot's innovative Desktop Control Fabric(TM) architecture is a massive innovation for virtual desktops, enabling operational simplicity, multi-cloud scalability... Read more.

Executive Briefs
Cloud Desktop Backup-Restore: Business Resiliency for Cloud Desktops

Workspot is the only SaaS platform for cloud desktops that offers multi-region cloud backup and recovery... Read more.

Solution Briefs
Virtual Desktops: A TCO Comparison of SaaS vs. DIY

As you evaluate solutions, compare the true costs of various approaches. Workspot can deliver cost savings from 30-50% ... Read more.

Executive Briefs
Cloud Workstations: GPU-Enabled Workstations on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Designers and engineers enjoy stunning performance, improved collaboration and remote working benefits of GPU cloud workstations... Read more.

Solution Briefs
Remote Working: CIOs Discuss What Surprised Them Most

Three CIOs gathered mid-pandemic to revisit how they implemented remote working and what surprised them most... Watch now.

Cloud Desktops: The Modern Way to Work

The advantages of Workspot SaaS cloud desktops over other virtual desktop approaches are very clear... Read more.

Solution Briefs
On the SPOT! with Mark Templeton, Episode 1

On the SPOT! thought leadership webinars feature industry luminaries discussing all the hot topics in tech. Kicking off the series is industry visionary Mark Templeton... Watch now.

DIY VDI Complexity is Out. SaaS Cloud PC Simplicity is In.

Forget everything you know about do-it-yourself virtual desktops. Modernize end user computing with cloud-native, SaaS cloud desktops. Here's what you need to know in 4 minutes! Watch now.