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2017: The Year of Workspot Cloud Desktops

Happy New Year! On behalf of the entire Workspot team I want to wish you health, joy and dramatically simplified IT in 2018!

Thanks to our wonderful customers and partners, Workspot has just ended a phenomenal year, and we are solidly positioned for growth in 2018 and beyond. What’s so exciting about our success is the impact we have on our customers; we get to see first-hand how quickly they benefit from Workspot solutions because we’re with them every step of the way. The unique architecture of our turnkey Desktop Cloud, App Cloud and Workstation Cloud solutions means that time-to-value for our customers is measured in days if not hours – it is truly impressive.

What Do Our Customers Really Think?

A hallmark of our cloud solutions is the deep engagement we have with our customers during the deployment of their virtual desktops and apps. We often hear that our Customer Success Team members are thought of as members of the customer’s IT team; that is a really special relationship (and a nice compliment), and it means we get to hear it all first-hand – requirements, challenges, wonderment, success! Here’s a few of my favorite customer quotes:

“Workspot is a cloud service, so this makes things very, very easy.  I don’t have to worry about all the VDI components, patches or upgrades. Simple is good; simple is sexy.”

“We’ve been trying to do remote GPU workstations for years and nothing worked. I can’t believe we went live so fast!”

“I have over 15 years experience with VDI, and one of the things that drew me to Workspot is the simplicity of the architecture.”

“We want out of the business of providing infrastructure; that adds no value.”

“The cost savings alone make Workspot a no-brainer.”

It’s All About Microsoft Azure

Workspot solutions are tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure because together we deliver an unmatched, enterprise-ready solution. During the year we achieved multiple milestones within the Microsoft Partner Program, including Microsoft Managed Partner, which is an exclusive designation that makes us proud! More exciting however, is the confidence the Microsoft field team has placed in Workspot; they truly believe in our ability to provide unprecedented value and agility to their customers. When you can take customers live in days with enterprise-class cloud desktops, cloud apps and cloud workstations on Azure, it’s a profound transformation, and these organizations are able to reduce or eliminate data center infrastructure and reallocate precious IT resources to more strategic projects. It’s a win-win-win! You’ll find us featured in the Azure Marketplace, and we look forward to meeting you at Microsoft Inspire and Microsoft Ignite in 2018!


Product Innovation

Our product team is focused on making our solution: (1) simpler to onboard new customers even faster and (2) simpler to operate for existing customers. We simplify our solution by eliminating architectural components (e.g. no more Azure connector required), reducing the number of onboarding steps (e.g. automate setting up virtual networks, default Windows 10 template), accelerating troubleshooting by making our clients more intelligent and providing integrated visibility into the help desk. Customers enjoy these new features automatically – they don’t need to worry about maintenance and upgrades.

Up and to the Right

We hit our stride in 2017. Foremost, our customers are very happy. Direct feedback, expansion, and renewals underscore this. A more recent area of focus, Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) is proving to be a sweet spot for us. New AEC customers are going live with Workspot Workstation Cloud – GPU-accelerated workstations delivered from Azure – after making no advancements in virtualization year after year because of the cost and complexity of legacy VDI solutions.

With so many new customers coming online we also added new firepower to our Customer Success Team with VDI industry veterans who deeply understand VDI and cloud services.

Proven solutions, great products, strong channel partner relationships, our Microsoft alliance, and our Customer Success Team are the keys to our success!

Be sure to see our solutions in action. Schedule a live demo – all it take is 15 minutes!

Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2018!