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The 4 T’s of Cloud Desktop Success

Over the years we’ve often talked about the innovation Workspot has brought to the world of virtual desktops. We’ve come a really long way from the days of complex, expensive, on-premises virtual desktop and app solutions that take months to deploy, cost a fortune and disappoint users. There’s no doubt that Workspot has a “secret sauce” for which no other vendor has a recipe, but it goes way beyond technology. Here’s a hint: there’s 4 primary ingredients.

The proof of our secret sauce is in customer success, and we have a bunch of really happy customers. It truly warms my heart, because I have played a direct role in helping all those customers successfully make the move to delivering virtual desktops, apps and GPU workstations, using Workspot Desktop Cloud, App Cloud, and Workstation Cloud on Microsoft Azure. To truly have an unrelenting customer focus, all 4 ingredients are essential: Technology, Team, and Time-to-value, but for me, it starts with Trust.


As you evaluate virtual desktop solutions or consider switching from your current vendor, think about the business relationships you have that make you feel confident. It can be everything from your housekeeper or babysitter to an auto mechanic or general contractor. The foundation of a good business relationship is Trust. You should expect that from technology providers too. How many have made empty promises? At Workspot, Trust is a thread that runs throughout our relationship. It starts with our Go-Live Deployment Services. We think it’s fair to take on 100% of the deployment risk. We get your cloud desktops, cloud apps and cloud workstations up and running so fast that you can bein production in hours or days. It’s that simple. When we’ve met your goals, we continue our journey together, and we stay with you every step of the way.


When you make a Technology choice, Trust also enters the picture. That’s why we prove to you that it works – through our no-risk engagement. And we’re not just a bunch of overly confident engineers making stuff up. Our  technology gurus are innovators in the VDI space, and they came together to completely reinvent VDI. No one can match the cloud-native architecture we’ve created that is the core of our solution. It’s how we can deliver infinite scalability, high availability, unmatched performance, and – believe it – simplicity! The way we have architected our solution means your desktop and app delivery platform is future-proof; there’s no maintenance for you to do, and upgrades to new features happen automagically. Just sit back and enjoy!


The brain power behind our technology is astonishing; throughout Workspot engineering, exec management, and customer success teams you’ll find VDI industry experts. When you engage with us you’re assigned two Workspot champions – one technical expert and one account manager. They both live and breathe your requirements so we can get you deployed fast – usually in a couple of days (but sometimes in hours!). We have a proven process for making sure your goals are met; after all, if you’re happy, we’re happy. Oh, and by the way, our go-live deployment services are included in your flat monthly subscription fee. What? Yes! No more ridiculously expensive consulting fees. That is just not how we roll.


You’ve probably either experienced or heard about the months-long projects required to roll out legacy, on-premises VDI. Can you imagine? Maybe you can. And at the end of all those months, you’d be stuck with complex maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades, all of which contribute to ballooning OpEx that gets bigger over time. We’ve changed all that. We promise we’ll deliver value to you on day one. From there, we can get your first set of virtual desktops live within a couple of days, and typically a production rollout follows 30 days later (or sooner!).

So what do you think? Let’s get your organization on a fast track to all the benefits you’ve been hearing about for so long: greater business agility; anywhere, anytime productivity; more robust security; sound good? The “4 T’s” might just be the ticket to your competitive advantage.