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De-Risk Your Disaster Recovery Plan with One-Click DR

How confident do you feel about your Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan? Have you adequately planned for all the major threat scenarios? Is everything well-documented and periodically tested? Can your employees get back to work quickly and safely? Are the cornerstones of your plan simplicity, speed and affordability? Beginning in 2009, Forrester Research teamed up with the Disaster Recovery Journal to periodically ask these questions and more of IT and risk mitigation professionals to gauge the maturity of disaster recovery planning. Among other findings, the most recent survey in 2018 reflects that over 50% of businesses never conduct a full DR simulation test and over 40% conduct it only once a year! With such low levels of testing, how can a business leader be confident that their DR solution will be sufficient and work when it is needed?

A DR plan is a risk mitigation tool that enables a business to restart operations as quickly as possible post a disruptive event. Could there be risk to your risk mitigation tool? Let’s take a closer look.

DR Options for Physical PC Loss

There are many notable vendors who provide DR solutions for physical PCs. A company has the option to host its employees either at an offsite DR location or have an on-site mobile recovery unit drive to the office. While these legacy DR solutions have been on the market for many years, they have limitations.

First, the complexity involved in the planning and activation of a legacy DR solution leads many business leaders to skip one of the most important steps in DR planning – periodic testing. Without this critical step, the probability of a DR failure is high.

Second, all these DR solutions require the workers to travel either to the offsite location or the mobile unit parking space. In an extreme natural event, there will likely be hazards that preclude people from traveling to the site(s).

Third, these legacy DR solutions force a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) vs. Cost trade-off. Businesses required to meet a low RTO are burdened with costly DR packages. The lower the RTO, the costlier it gets.

Other factors to consider are capacity constraints of DR site/mobile units, limited geographic availability, limited hardware configurations, and extensive employee training.

The legacy DR methods above require lots of phone calls, long dos/don’ts checklists and complex sizing exercises to establish a plan. When it comes to activating your plan in the event of a disaster, the effort can be everything from a few phone calls and some additional paperwork to a full-on panic while attempting to find available space and ensure employee access. A risky risk mitigation tool indeed!

If You Can Do DR in One-Click, Why Wouldn’t You?

An ideal DR plan should be simple, fast, and affordable. Is there a way to achieve these key elements without making compromises? Yes, absolutely!

De-risk your disaster recovery plan with Workspot cloud PCs on Azure

In a disaster, people can be productive from the safest location, using any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. 

De-Risk Your Disaster Recovery Plan in a Day!

The Workspot Desktop Cloud, our insanely simple, turnkey cloud desktop service on Microsoft Azure, is the foundation of Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud and it’s ready to help you when you experience a disaster recovery event.

It’s simple: Setup is fast and easy with your corporate template always up to date, so you can be confident that everything is in order and will work when needed. Absolutely no testing required! Once activated, users simply access their desktops from anywhere that’s safe and from any PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

It’s fast: When you implement Workspot Desktop Cloud, you just add on your Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud desktops, and that pool of desktops is on “stand-by” for you. When you need the desktops, you activate them with just one click of a button! That’s it.

It’s affordable: The Workspot Disaster Recovery Cloud is offered at a low fixed price that is independent of your RTO. And, you can provision as many desktops of your desired configuration as you need and in any of the 54+ Azure regions, globally.

With the Workspot Desktop Recovery Cloud, there is no insane paperwork, no getting stuck with a program that doesn’t scale, no extra costs for activating your desktops faster, no phone calls and no panicking!

Simple right? Like everything we do at Workspot.

Let us show you how it works with a quick, live demo. 15 minutes could change everything for your business!