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User Experience is Everything!

Having just finished an exciting and rewarding week at Autodesk University 2018 (AU 2018) in Las Vegas, and with the FSLogix acquisition announcement by Microsoft this week, user experience is top of mind for me right now.

It’s All About Users!

At the AU 2018 conference, we were excited to welcome multiple customers into our booth who discussed their Workspot deployment and user experiences with other attendees. Over and over we heard them tell stories about how their CAD engineers are seeing “awesome” performance that is superior to VDI and local workstations. One company being introduced to Workspot for the first time decided to spontaneously test Workstation Cloud using their own 3D models so they could really see for themselves how it works. Sure, why not!?! They used the Workspot Client to connect to a high-speed Workspot Workstation on Microsoft Azure, launched Autodesk Revit, logged into their BIM 360 account and downloaded their own model into the virtual workstation in Azure. They were so blown away by the performance of opening and manipulating the file they wondered aloud why they had not already bought our solution!

For power users in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry, having a virtual desktop with mind-blowing performance is life-changing; it means these power users are finally free from being tethered to their physical workstations. They can work anywhere and collaborate across project teams in real-time – even on the Exhibit Hall floor at the Autodesk University 2018 event!

No Compromises Computing

The performance stories our customers shared at AU 2018 really illustrates the importance of providing an end user experience without compromises to all kinds of users. It just cannot be overstated. We can save companies money and simplify IT infrastructure all day long, but if users can’t be more productive, it means that new opportunities are not being created and you’re not growing your business. The fact that CAD & BIM experts who visited our booth last week accessed and worked on their own 3D models on-the-fly and saw performance that is better than their local workstations speaks volumes about the kind of experience any type of user will have with Workspot Desktop Cloud and Workspot Workstation Cloud solutions.

DaaS Goes Mainstream

The focus the tech industry has on great user experiences (and therefore helping companies improve business productivity) was illustrated again this week with Microsoft’s exciting acquisition of FSLogix. Congratulations to our friends in both companies! The move underscores what we’ve been living and breathing for a couple of years now: Companies of all sizes are looking to desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) solutions on public clouds to take them into the future. As we have discussed, the decision criteria for selecting a solution begins with performance; that fact is not lost on Microsoft. FSLogix products should help deliver improved Office 365 performance to the recently announced Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) solution when it becomes available in 2019. As the leading provider of PC in the Cloud solutions on Azure and a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), our Workspot turnkey solution integrates the latest Microsoft RDP technology that also underpins WVD. Think of Workspot as the “Uber” of cloud virtual desktop solutions – a proven, turnkey, planet-scale, virtual desktop service that’s available across the 54+ regions of Azure today!

The value Workspot brings to organizations of all sizes includes dramatically simplifying IT so you can make better use of those resources, helping IT teams make the shift from CapEx to OpEx and reducing infrastructure costs. However, at the very heart of customer success for Workspot is the “ridiculous speed” end users experience with Workspot solutions when they need to get their jobs done. That mind-blowing performance people saw at AU 2018 last week ultimately improves business agility and customer satisfaction. Agility and happy customers create new opportunities, and new opportunities drive your organization’s growth. That’s a major win for everyone, and that’s why user experience is everything!

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