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What’s Your New Year’s Resolution? Workspot Desktop Cloud Can Help You Keep It!

Did you make any resolutions for 2018?  The most common New Year’s resolutions don’t seem to change much year to year: “Eat healthy”, “exercise more” and “save more money” usually top the list. They’re all great choices, but many people just can’t stick to it – we get busy, and we get lazy, and sometimes we just revert back to the way we’ve always done things because change is hard. Well, Workspot is here to help you achieve any or all of these top resolutions in 2018! Let’s change things up!

Eat Healthier with Workspot

We all know we should make better food choices, but it’s easier said than done. One of the biggest diet saboteurs is stress! According to Harvard’s HealthBeat Newsletter, stress affects food preferences, and unfortunately we tend to select more fat- and sugar-laden foods when we’re experiencing physical or emotional stress. So how can Workspot help? While we can’t be there to cook your tofu, we can give you peace-of-mind about a few primary IT stressors: Windows 10 migration and expensive GPU workstation refresh cycles to name a few.  Want to get any of these off your to-do list in days, risk-free, and without expensive consultants? OK! Workspot Desktop PCs, App Cloud and Workstation Cloud have you covered. We only have one resolution – to make your implementation successful!

Exercise More with Workspot

That stress you’re feeling over the prospect of a rip-and-replace upgrade for your current app delivery solution can cause you to lose sleep and exercise less. Not good, but it’s understandable. We believe there’s only one solution that will reduce your stress: Workspot App Cloud. Instead of dealing with a complicated, months-long migration from an old architecture to a less-old architecture, you can completely modernize the way you deliver those apps. And we’ll have you up and running in days! That frees up a lot of time for you to get out and walk, bike, and hit the silent disco. Get that exercise in while Workspot takes care of app delivery for you; no more excuses!

Save Money with Workspot

This is our specialty! With legacy VDI solutions, if the upfront CapEx doesn’t shock you, those nasty OpEx surprises over time will!  This can even be true of some cloud-based solutions because the variability of cloud computing and storage costs can result in unplanned costs. Cloud provider billing can be ridiculously complex, and who has time to sort it all out? Workspot has eliminated all these concerns. Get started with zero CapEx. Our cloud-native architecture slashes complexity, which in turn slashes OpEx. Our turnkey service includes free deployment services, support, maintenance, and upgrades; everything is included in the cost. And you get flat-rate, subscription pricing you can count on – including Azure costs. No surprises! It could be tempting to do things the same old way with those legacy VDI solutions. But seriously, why would you? High CapEx and OpEx can be detrimental to your health!

Schedule a 15-minute demo with us for more details about how we’ll help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. Cheers to a healthy and prosperous 2018!