Workspot featured on Mission Critical: Your Data Center is Dead: Long Live the Cloud!

Organizations are increasingly discovering that their on-premises data center infrastructure has no strategic value for the company. They have quickly evolved to a place where moving to the cloud is enabling the flexibility, compute power, and business agility they need to achieve their corporate growth goals. IT teams that continue to invest in on-premises data… Read more

eWeek: Replace physical workstations to improve agility

IT Science Case Study: Becoming Unconstrained by Physical Workstations

eWEEK’s feature series called IT Science looks at what actually happens at the intersection of new-gen IT and legacy systems. In this article, Chris Preimesbergers explores how physical GPU workstations are being eclipsed by cloud workstations, and how shedding that constraint plays out in the real world for one of the largest architecture and engineering firms in the U.S…. Read more