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Sherwood Design Engineers Moved Their Civil Engineering to the Cloud

The Architect’s Guide to Cloud-Native VDI

As a solution architect, your cloud desktop evaluation requires a deep dive into why a cloud-native architecture is best... Read more.

The VDI Protocol Wars are Over: Learn the New Math of VDI Performance

If you choose the right cloud desktop solution, any further discussion of protocols is pointless, because cloud region proximity now rules... Read more.

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Why the Principle of Least Privilege Must be a Cornerstone of Cloud Desktop Security

Workspot was engineered based on key security and compliance principles such as Zero-Trust and the Principle of Least Privilege... Read more.

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How to Derive the ROI of Workspot Cloud Workstations for AEC

On average, customers achieve greater than 300% ROI by adopting Workspot cloud desktop solutions, plus strategic benefits such as...Read More

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What Makes a Cloud Desktop Solution Enterprise-Ready?

Workspot's SaaS platform for cloud desktops is designed to work with the tools and processes you already have in place, like multi-factor authentication, auditing, security software... Read more.

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Architecture Matters: The Workspot Desktop Control Fabric

Workspot's innovative Desktop Control Fabric(TM) architecture is a massive innovation for virtual desktops, enabling operational simplicity, multi-cloud scalability... Read more.

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Cloud Desktop Backup-Restore: Business Resiliency for Cloud Desktops

Workspot is the only SaaS platform for cloud desktops that offers multi-region cloud backup and recovery... Read more.

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Cloud Workstations: GPU-Enabled Workstations on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Designers and engineers enjoy stunning performance, improved collaboration and remote working benefits of GPU cloud workstations... Read more.

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Cloud Desktops: The Modern Way to Work

The advantages of Workspot SaaS cloud desktops over other virtual desktop approaches are very clear... Read more.

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