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Workspot and Amazon WorkSpaces Core

Setting up and configuring Workspot for use on Amazon WorkSpaces Core.

Solution Brief: NetWork Operations Center and Workspot Watch

Embedded intelligence in our Enterprise VDI Platform generates actionable insights for troubleshooting and optimizing your global virtual desktop estate.

Solution Briefs
Webinar: Show Me the Demo! Workspot Technical Deep Dive

In this technical deep dive into Workspot, see how we deliver virtual desktops and apps from your datacenter and cloud of choice using a single pane of glass.

Solution Brief: Cross-cloud Cost Optimization for Cloud PCs

Not all public clouds are architected in the same manner. Understanding the differences between public cloud characteristics is important in order to avoid unexpected Cloud PC costs.

Solution Briefs
Video: Watch us spin up 2,000 Cloud PCs in two Google Cloud regions in under 5 minutes!

Video Highlights
Webinar: On the SPOT! with Google & Workspot – Episode 4

Thomas Gourand, Director of Google Cloud joins Amitabh Sinha, CEO Workspot to talk 5 Cloud PC Trends IT Leaders Need to Know. Watch the webinar.

Video: Workspot Cloud PC and The Google Chromebook Pixel

In this demo you'll see a Google Chromebook Pixel running the Workspot Client for Web connecting to a Workspot Cloud PC running in the cloud.

Guide: The Solution Architect’s Checklist for Evaluating Cloud PCs

Download a list of 70+ hard questions to ask Cloud PC and VDI vendors. Drill down in 5 key categories that are essential for your success.

Video: Siemens NX Running on a Workspot Cloud Workstation

In this video we’re running the latest Siemens NX software completely in the cloud, on a GPU-accelerated Workspot cloud workstation running on Azure.

Webinar: Andy Knauf Shares The 2021 IT Operations Survey Results

Andy Knauf, CIO of Mead & Hunt, shares results from the firm's 2021 IT Operations Survey. What are your peers' top priorities, challenges, key areas of investment? Watch the webinar.

Webinar: Sherwood Design Engineers Moved Their Civil Engineering to the Cloud

This full-service civil engineering firm discovered that Workspot cloud workstations "worked 10x better" than what their power users had been using.

eBook: The Architect’s Guide to Cloud-Native VDI

As a solution architect, your cloud desktop evaluation requires a deep dive into why a cloud-native architecture is best... Read more.

The VDI Protocol Wars are Over: Learn the New Math of VDI Performance

If you choose the right cloud desktop solution, any further discussion of protocols is pointless, because cloud region proximity now rules... Read more.

Executive Briefs
Why the Principle of Least Privilege Must be a Cornerstone of Cloud Desktop Security

Workspot was engineered based on key security and compliance principles such as Zero-Trust and the Principle of Least Privilege... Read more.

Executive Briefs
What Makes a Cloud Desktop Solution Enterprise-Ready?

Workspot's SaaS platform for cloud desktops is designed to work with the tools and processes you already have in place, like multi-factor authentication, auditing, security software... Read more.

Executive Briefs
Architecture Matters: The Workspot Desktop Control Fabric

Workspot's innovative Desktop Control Fabric(TM) architecture is a massive innovation for virtual desktops, enabling operational simplicity, multi-cloud scalability... Read more.

Executive Briefs
Solution Brief: Virtual Desktop Backup-Restore for Business Resiliency

Workspot is the only VDI platform that offers multiple, innovative solutions for business continuity. Read more.

Solution Briefs
Cloud Workstations: GPU-Enabled Workstations on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud

Designers and engineers enjoy stunning performance, improved collaboration and remote working benefits of GPU cloud workstations... Read more.

Solution Briefs
Cloud Desktops: The Modern Way to Work

The advantages of Workspot SaaS cloud desktops over other virtual desktop approaches are very clear... Read more.

Solution Briefs